Research Interests

Research Interests: My research focuses on using behavioral theory and novel methodologies to develop adaptive interventions, namely interventions that use ongoing information about the individual to modify the type/intensity/delivery-mode of support.

Key words: Adaptive Interventions, Just In Time Adaptive Interventions (JITAIs), Stress, Support, Health and Well-Being.

Affiliations:Statistical Reinforcement Learning Lab, University of Michigan, Smithers Institute, ILR School, Cornell University

Selected Publications

  • Nahum-Shani, I., Dziak, J.J., & Collins, L.M. (in press). Multilevel Factorial Designs with Experiment-Induced Clustering. Psychological Methods.
  • Nahum-Shani, I., Smith, S.N. Spring, B.J., Collins, L.M., Witkiewitz, K., Tewari, A., & Murphy, S.A. (in press). Just-in-Time Adaptive Interventions (JITAIs) in Mobile Health: Key Components and Design Principles for Ongoing Health Behavior Support. Annals of Behavioral Medicine.
  • Nahum-Shani, I., Ertefaie, A., Lu, X., McKay, J.R., Lynch, K.G., Oslin, D., & Almirall, D. (2017). A SMART Data Analysis Method for Constructing Adaptive Treatment Strategies for Substance Use Disorders. Addiction., 112(5), 901-909.
  • Nahum-Shani, I., Hekler, E. B., & Spruijt-Metz, D. (2015). Building health behavior models to guide the development of just-in-time adaptive interventions: A pragmatic framework. Health Psychology,34, 1209-1219.
  • Ertefaie, A., Wu, T., Lynch, K., & Nahum-Shani, I. (2015). Identifying a set that contains the best dynamic treatment regimes. Biostatistics, 17 (1), 135-148.

Recent talks

Experimental Designs and Data Analytic Methods for Building mHealth Interventions:
Introduction to Factorial designs, SMARTs and MRTs.
mHealth Training Institute
University of California
Los Angeles, CA; August 2017

From Adaptive to Just-In-Time Adaptive Interventions in Mobile Health: Conceptual and Methodological Considerations.
Department of Biomedical Data Science, Geisel School of Medicine
Dartmouth College; Lebanon, NH; July 2017
Lebanon, NH; July 2017

Common Misconceptions Regarding Adaptive Interventions and SMART Studies.
Workshop on Development of Adaptive Treatment Strategies in the Management of Drug Dependence:
Lessons Learned from Clinical Trials Currently in the Field.
College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD) meeting
Montreal, Canada; June, 2017

Introduction to Adaptive Interventions and SMART studies.
Novel Experimental Approaches to Designing Effective Multi-component Interventions
Invited Workshop; The Chicago Chapter of the American Statistical Association (ASA)
Northwestern University, Chicago, IL; May, 2017
Chicago, IL; May, 2017

From Adaptive to Just-In-Time Adaptive Interventions in Mobile Health: Conceptual and Methodological Considerations.
Center for Drug Use and HIV Research (CDUHR) Mobile Health Mini Conference
New York University
New York, NY; April 2017