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Burton Memorial Tower

Proposed Burton Tower (1925)

Bentley Historical Library Photo: BL001670

Burton Tower (1938-1948 ca)

Bentley Historical Library Photo: BL004059

Burton Memorial Tower Today


††††††††††† In 1921, President Burton proposed a campanile that would be ďtall enough to be seen for milesĒ and would serve as a memorial to 236 University Michigan graduates who died in World War I.[40]Plans for the tower lingered until Burtonís death in 1925, when the idea was brought up that the tower could also serve as a memorial to Burton.The proposal became part of the University of Michigan Club of Ann Arborís Ten-Year Program along with funds raised by graduating classes.[40]Unfortunately, plans were furthered stalled during the depression until it was revived by Charles Baird when he donated a carillon of fifty-three bells.[40]Because the university had insufficient funds to construct such a structure, the University of Michigan Club of Ann Arbor raised the additional funds necessary to begin construction.[40]

††††††††††† Burton Tower, designed by Albert Kahn of Detroit, was completed in 1936 at a total cost of $243,664.61.[40]It is located adjacent to Hill Auditorium where the proposed School of Music was once planned to be.The tower rises 212 feet with the bells located on the tenth floor.[40]To allow interior space for classrooms, the walls are made of reinforced concrete and faced with limestone instead of thick masonry.[40]


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