What I wouldn't give to be able to draw...
<daimon> You don't have one of us for that.
<me> Who asked YOU, anyway? And how dare you manifest yourself to me again, even if you did decide to borrow a Nekoi Mick sensei character design? I had enough trouble to explain the noise last time.
<daimon> This is quieter than Aichan In Anime Studio. You have two prisms to finish as well, just so you know.
<me> If you had to be a Nekoi character, why couldn't you have been Kohaku?
<daimon> Kohaku is nice.
<me> Yes, he is.
<daimon> I am not nice.
<me> No, you are NOT. I didn't think you knew the meaning of the word.
<daimon> It's something you say I'm not.
<me> Oh, duh.
<daimon> You have not told Amefuri's story.
<me> I *promised* Tsukino Parvati-chan I wouldn't write any more for that ficton until I racked up a bunch of others!
<daimon> There remains the YYH/Ultimate Teacher crossover.
<me> I have to make up the Quantitative Reasoning course... which I failed in part because of YOU.
<daimon> QR is not relevant.
<me> Try telling that to my parents.
<daimon> Parents are not relevant, unless they are actively hindering or helping.
<me> You're evil.
<daimon> No. Nor am I good. I merely am.
<me> Why me?
<4 Sisters Ayakashi> Hey, when are you going to write more *Actress in the Mirror*?
<me> When I find the backups, okay? It got zorfed, remember.
<Himiko> You haven't written my intro story yet!
<Estrevan> Forget her, you haven't written MINE. Or you could at least get more done on your Ryuu one.
<Emily> Hey, when do Reiko and I get to watch *Chronowarriors* for the umpteenth time?
<me> LATER! Okay?
<"Tara"> Ne, ne, write more about Ryo-sama and the rest of our new friends! Please? I'll get upset if you don't.
<Tohma> Ryo-SAMA?!
<Marion> Um, look, you don't want to get our adopted daughter mad. Trust me.
<me> I know THAT, you're forgetting who my sister is...
<Tinn Kitty> And you left me stranded in Little Tokyo!
<Marion> Trust me, you're better off there.
<George> We need the rest of the script for Reikai Classic Theater 5 as soon as possible!
<Eo'lhyn> You haven't written about me AT ALL! Or about Vaki-li!
<Mukuro> Hey, when do I get to terrorize the Klingons?
<Mukuro(8)> That's me, jibun-chan. You're in universe 52.
<Mukuro(52)> Oh, darn. Have fun!
<Eo'lhyn> RA'KHOLH????
<Himiko> But what about ME? I only got a mention in the Skuld ML Round Robin.
<Estrevan> Well, I didn't get mentioned at all, fox.
<4 Sisters> What about US???
<Kommuchi> How come MEIKA'S the only one to get mentioned in a fanfic?
<Meika> How come I'm still chasing a loser around at the end?
<Kamui> You left me stranded in Glasscastle with those two weird girls and that guy Amba threw her shoes at! Don't you have any respect for me, woman? I ought to...
<"Tara"> Leave her alone until she finishes our stuff, or else!
<Kamui> Or else what?
<"Tara"> Or else I kill you.
<Kamui> Ha! Go ahead and try!
<Harry Mudd> Step right up, get your tickets here, folks!
<Tendou Nabiki> Dark Messiah vs. Dark Messiah, it's the event of the century!
<Yui-chan> You haven't written more "Reunion" since FOREVER!
<Sakura> Forget that, you haven't written more "Oshikake Nyoubou Tachi" since the winter before last! When do I get my date with Tsubame!
<everyone, variously> write more... when... no, me first... you're obligated...
<me> QUIET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<everyone> [gulp]
<me> This is *supposed* to be the tarot for Yuu Yuu Hakusho Ficton #52.
<Yamirai> Who numbered these, anyway?
<Botan Prime> WE DID! [zooms by overhead]
<Kurama Prime> [jogging up] Did you see Botan?
<everyone> She went THAT way.
<Kurama'> Thank you very much. [pause] Luriko-Ysabeth-san, if you happen to see Jhiend-san would you ask her to write more stories? She's the only one who ever writes about me.
<Sakura> I can't see why.
<Kurama-hime> You don't happen to be perverted, or have an extra fiancee or two, or be actually female, do you?
<Kurama'> [sweatdrop] No. Why?
<Tengu #1> Leave it, Highness. It wouldn't work out.
<Himiko> Hey! That guy with the long midorinokami Stole My Face!
<Estrevan> Let it be, Dr. Starfox.
<Himiko> But, Estrevan-sama --
<Honey Senchou> Let it be! That's an order!
<Kamui> Are little girls allowed to have naked transformation scenes?
<Marion> Oh SHIT! The things that girl gets into when Melusine or Setsuna or I aren't watching her...!
<Yuka> Oh, *there* you are, Kurama. We can't have the back issues without you; Botan-san's been back for hours already.
<Kurama'> Those time differences...
<Yuka> Here, this way. [pause] Oh, this backpack's slowing me down. You're in much better shape than I am; would you mind carrying it?
<Kurama'> Not at all. [shoulders backpack]
[The two walk off into the sunset]
<Tinn Kitty> *Yuka* and *Kurama*?!
<Nabiki> Nah, it's just a Nogami woman in action. They're cousins of ours, you know.
<Kommuchi> That explains a LOT of things....
<daimon> Allow me.
<me> Well, you can't possibly do worse.
<daimon> Out.
[everyone else disappears]
<daimon> I am more powerful than you.
<me> I SAW *All That Jazz*...
<daimon> The movie is not relevant, unless it gave you an Idea.
<me> No.
<daimon> I know. I'm giving you tomorrow off, unless I change my mind.
<me> Thank you... I think...

A Yuu*Yuu*Hakusho Tarot

With Respect to Ficton #52

Please don't kill me.

note: as I said, this is from universe #52, so you may not agree with some, and a few may leave you scratching your head in puzzlement (Reiko, the cat Ohi, etc.) Bother me to write more in that one if you want to know more about them.

There should be alternative selections, if some cause you to go "WHO are these people again?" (And in some cases because I couldn't decide which I liked better.)


Back of Cards

An oval within a border. The border consists of swirling light: a lot of reiki blue, a fair deal of youki red, a little Meikai-power purple, and some gold and green and black thrown in on general principles. In the corners are little Super-Deformed versions of the four Reikai-Tantei, each facing so that their head points to the corner and their feet toward the inside. Kuwabara is in the lower left, Hiei in the lower right, Kurama in the upper right, and Yuusuke in the upper left. Within the oval is a screenshot of Botan in her fortune-telling outfit.

Arcana Minora


The Suit of Rods (Upsilon. Fire. You Maior.)

Ace: A staff, planted upright in the ground, flowering. In the background are mountains and the sun, rising.

Two: Youko-Kurama and Kuronue, making a laughing getaway, their bodies visually forming a chevron (\/). Kuronue holds a naginata; Kurama, a bamboo spear.

Three: Hiei with his arms full of three long objects: a branch off a HUGE rosebush (with the end splitting into thorny protuberances and bearing a few white buds), an oar, and a small white walking-stick painted with designs and adorned with a crimson feather (the sort you made in first grade or Brownies or Cub Scouts) with MINAMINO painted in messy hiragana on one end.
Alternate: Reiko, Valacirca, and Shuuji roasting marshmallows around a fire.
Alternate 2: Julie, Koto, and Luka on that talk show.
<Estrevan> I suppose Kurama lent his old stick to Hiei for some reason?
<Himiko> Probably. Hey, you seem to be pretty fond of Reiko.
<me> It was only her world that these were originally designed for...

Four: Four tall poles support garlands of leaves, old roses, and orange blossoms. Below them are two people: Yuusuke in a white tuxedo looking embarrassed and proud and pleased all at once, with an arm around Keiko. Her white gown has leghorn sleeves and a bell skirt, and her veil is thrown back; she is winding up to pitch the bouquet.

Five: The appropriate number of brooms have been casually dropped against the school wall as Yuusuke and Kuwabara square up for Chapter One-hundred-something of their fight.

Six: Inside a hexagonal framework formed by six rods (one metal, one intricately carved wood, one very long thighbone [what did it belongto, a megaceros?], one intricately carved jade one, one of smooth wood, and one of bamboo) Yuusuke standing, a bit banged up, as Koto proclaims him the winner of the Ankoku Bujuutsukai. In the four corners outside the frame, the other four members of the Urameshi Team reacting to his victory.

Seven: Urameshi-ya-Kuwabara Mutsumi holding a bo across her chest in Standard Blocking Position Number Something-or-other, as six other bo assault her (their wielders off-card). She's smiling a 'So-you-want-to-pick-a-fight-with-me-huh?' smile.
Alternate: Genkai doing the exact same thing.
Alternate 2: Baranohana and Manjushake, wielding naginata against five attacking polearms (their attackers off-card).

Eight: Hiei doing one of his superfast flits in front of the trunks of eight trees, of whichever kind seem most symbolic to the illustrator.
<Himiko> Gee, think you could be more sparse with the description?

Nine: Tsuyoki seated calmly in the Andreysen-Urameshi y Fernandez family room, nine bamboo poles leaning against the wall behind her.
Alternate: The main group roasting marshmallows. Kurama has his down near the coals and is evenly browning his all over. Keiko is attempting to copy him, although hers are a little lopsided. Yuusuke is trying to do what they're doing, although one of his has just caught on fire [there are three on his skewer]. Kuwabara has just shoved his three right into the flames. Botan is trying different positions and getting some very distorted marshmallows. Atsuko's has just fallen off her skewer and into the fire, Shizuru is taking her completed ones off the skewer, Yukina is looking at her skewer with an expression of "WHAT am I supposed to do with this again?" on her face, and Hiei has turned away from his skewer and the whole "stupid idea."
<Honey> I think that you should use ONE of the marshmallow-roasting ones. I really like those.

Ten: Takenaka-sensei in the evening, carrying the dropped brooms (and five more besides) in from the schoolyard. He looks exceedingly tired and stressed.

Servant: Koenma waving his small arms excitedly as he watches something on his viewscreen. One of the charones has left her oar leaning up against his desk.

Guardian: Hiei standing next to a Tibetan mace driven deeply into the ground. His face is progressing rapidly from Hiei Expression #2 (Pissed) to Hiei Expression #3 (MAJORLY PISSED) and the wards on his arm are beginning to smoke and drop off.

Lady: Mukuro seated on a pretty fancy-looking chair, explaining some idea of hers and gesturing with a wand to emphasize the point. She has her eyepiece on.

Lord: Koenma -- correction -- the new Lord Enma on a huge throne, holding the scepter of the Reikai and with an "I'll do my best" expression on his face.

The Suit of Bowls (Phi. Water. In Maiora.)

Ace: A large bowl lacquered black on the inside, almost full of water. The view is down into it, so that one can see the full moon at day reflected in the water.

Two: Kurama and Hiei drinking gods-know-what out of thick mugs in a Makai tavern. (Probably May Queens.) ^_^
<Estrevan> Okay, this card is technically used to represent a really deep and abiding friendship in the system that Luriko-Ysabeth tends to use. the sort described in Kipling's Thousandth Man. However, a lot also use it to refer to romantic love, although it isn't, not really, although a love that develops out of this kind of friendship will last because it's got love -- the other kind of love -- this is a VERY inadequate language, you know -- as a base beneath it. Since this IS one of the most debated cards she's found, and those two are just as debated, they fit, you see.

Three: Reiko, Emily, and Karin sitting around a little table drinking pink soda in glasses.
Alternate: Atsuko, Shizuru, and Botan sitting in a circle drinking sake.

Four: Kurama and Shuuichi-kun at a table in an ice-cream parlor, eating sundaes out of those tall cups. Hiei is also there and eating one, although he has turned his chair around and is ostentatiously ignoring Kurama's little brother. [Don't ask me how Kurama got him to come in the first place.] At the counter, an older Maya has turned with a chocolate parfait in her hand and an expression of "I know these people. I *know* I know these people. Where on earth do I know these people from?" on her face.
Alternate: Sei turned away from three bowls on the window. Pleias is in the doorway with a nice bowl of soup or something, but Sei pays him no attention.
<Himiko> Wouldn't she recognize that guy who stole my face? He can't have made her forget entirely about him, that would be really awkward the next day he went to school.
<Honey> No, of course not, but he looks very different with his hair grown out.

Five: Hiei, looking depressed for a change, staring at three spilt cups. There is no trace of fluid in one at all (it's made of some ice-blue stone). From another, of intricately carved jade, there is a little trickle of green-black fluid in which the image of Mukuro can be seen before it joins the larger pool. The silver third is apparently the most recently spilt: in its wash are the images of Kurama-Shuuichi and youko-Kurama. Behind him are two bowls. One, the same ice-blue color as the spilt cup, has 'Yukina' painted on it, and the other, porcelain with reflections of pink and blue, has the Chinese characters Nü Tan.

Six: Chibi-Yuusuke and chibi-Keiko (at about the age of "Clash of the Tiny Titans") planting flowers in flowerpots.
Alternate: Kurama and Maya (at the age of "Two Shots") doing the same thing.
Alternate 2: Three mirrors at the top of the card, and three at the bottom. In between, Yuusuke rescues Reiko-chan from certain annoying young lowlifes.
<Estrevan> Only use one of the Maya cards. She's not that important a character.

Seven: Reiko, Yohko, and Junko sitting on their apartment steps gazing at seven round mirrors that appeared out of the clouds. In each mirror there is an image: the fairy tale castle of Hibernia, youko-Kurama waving, an octopus (Umechiyo!), Puu, a chibi-Ohmu, a dragon (black, of course), and Lum in a pin-up pose. Reiko is looking at the mirrors longingly, and Junko has reached out towards either the oni-girl or the youko.
Alternate: Botan in sailorfuku looking at seven bowls. There is steam rising from the bowls, and in each cloud of steam an image is apparent: a rainbow, a black dragon, a falcon, a grizzly bear cub, a silver-grey fox, a lion cub, and something veiled in a flame-colored veil.

Eight: There are eight empty flowerpots around a human room. Youko-Kurama is walking out of the door, two large framed photographs under his arm; the topmost one is of Shiori. The sheet is pulled up over the head of a human form on the bed, but one lock of hair escapes; it is roan-colored now. Kurama's face is cheerful, as if looking forward to the next adventure.

Nine: There are nine mirrors around the card -- big ones, small ones, skinny ones, fat ones, the one Kurama stole in that disastrous raid on the Treasure House -- but the one at the top is the Ankoku Mirror, and the scene inside the border of mirrors is of Kurama bending over his recovering mother, about to start laughing and crying at once.

Ten: Yuusuke seated with his arm about an older Keiko, surrounded by five children (three girls and two boys). He's waving to Kuwabara and Yukina, just coming over the hill in the distance. Kuwabara (also older) is waving back, and Yukina has turned to encourage their brood. A rainbow arches overhead, ten bowls of graduating colors floating in its span.

Servant: Yukina, gazing raptly at the carp poking its head out of the fishbowl she holds (probably a gift from Kuwabara. He'd try to buy her the moon if she expressed an interest.) Her face is full of wide-eyed wonder.

Guardian: Kurama in his yellow surcoat, smiling out at the reader. Behind him, the broken Ankoku Mirror is hanging from a convenient branch (the background is bushes and water).

Lady: Botan in her formal kimono (shown in one of the side-drawings in tankoubon #2, IIRC), sitting with a polite listening look on her face. In one hand she holds a golden chalice, engraved with hearts.<p>

Lord: Yuusuke, shining almost white with his power (like the cover of tankoubon #19). Around him are pictures of Keiko, their children, their grandchildren, *their* children, etc. In his hand he holds a black lacquer bowl.


The Suit of Blades (Chi. Air/Metal. In Minora.)

Ace: A sword pointed up, crowned with a wreath of chrysanthemons.

Two: Kuwabara and Majari, rei-ken parrying rei-ken.

Three: A heart, pierced by three swords. The hilt of the middle one is an image of Enma Daioh; the ones to either side are Sensui as he is now and as he was when he was a Reikai-Tantei. In the depths of the deep crimson heart, Koenma's anguished features can be seen.

Four: Hiei, out cold after releasing the Kokuryuuha. Kurama is tying the wards back into place. The scene is framed by four swords: a kodachi, a wakizashi, a katana, and a sakabatoh.

Five: Kurama kneels in shock and pain as the fake Kuronue swings one of those kusari-gama. Four others swing in from the sides.
<Himiko> Those are kusari-gama, aren't they? Aren't they?

Six: Everyone piled into the ferry to the Ankoku Bujuutsukai. In the water, swords appear to be reflected... six, in fact.
Alternate: Tsuyoki before one of the shuttles at Anoya Colony. On the shuttle is painted a starburst of six swords, their points touching.
<Honey> It *was* a journey by water, but space should count too. So should air travelů these existed before the invention of the airplane and helicopter and blimp and so forth.

Seven: Two swords across the top; one across the bottom; and the other four frame a screen capture from Episode 14Ithinkitwas -- where Hiei is pausing before lifting the switch to the gate of betrayal, and Kuwabara is yelling at him in distrust.
<Estrevan> I don't think you can see the two of them in the same screen at any time during that.
<Himiko> Well, you see Mr. parvulus ater pulcherque, and if you've seen the episode you KNOW Kuwa-chan's yelling at him.

Eight: Reiko, very confused, standing in the middle of Hakken Plaza, as we look down on her. In the direction she came from, Puu poohs miserably, unsure what he did wrong. Youko Kurama waits quietly in the shadow of another building, as yet unnoticed by Reiko.
<Honey> She can think of no alternate for this particular one. Suggestions?
Nine: Nine point-down swords, short in the middle and long on the sides (forming, in effect, a Gothic arch) framing Keiko, hunting frantically through her bag for the key to the new Urameshi apartment.

Ten: An oval formed by ten shuriken around Genkai's body, after Toguro killed her.

Servant: Young Genkai, talking to someone unseen by the reader as she makes her point. Since she's waving around a kitchen cleaver in the hand she's gesturing with, whoever it is probably gets the point.
<Estrevan> Argh. That's bad. That's just bad. If a pun were humor, it would be the lowest possible form.
<Himiko> Did you hear the one about the killer monkeys living in the NYC sewers?
<Estrevan> AAARGH!

Guardian: Yuusuke, in white T shirt, blue jeans, and leather jacket, looking cocky. One foot rests on a sword, and he is pointing his finger in preparation to using the rei-gun.

Lady: Atsuko cheesewhacking with the Kouma sword. The cheese is golden yellow-orange and the size of a cart wheel.
<Himiko> Aha! So THAT'S what happened to the cheesewhacker! We've been wondering where it got to!
<Estrevan & Honey> [sweatdrop]

Lord: Hatanaka Shuuichi hakase in his lab coat amidst his private lab. On the wall hangs a sword, and a picture of him in a headlock by his older brother when they were younger (from the card).
<Estrevan> What card?
<Honey> There's a scan on Ryen's page.

The Suit of Seals (Psi. Wood or Earth. You Minor.)

Ace: The Reikai Gold Seal, floating inside a pentacle of reiki.

Two: Two Koorime tear gems orbiting each other, within an infinity sign made of youki. In one is visible Hiei; in the other, Yukina. High above the gems, the Koorime floating city can be seen.

Three: Genkai throwing three o-fuda and following them up with some Rei Hadou from her eyes.

Four: Gonzou Tarukane clutching four large coins, and holding a bag of numerous small round hard somethings.

Five: Yuusuke leaning against the side of a wedding chapel, watching the happy couple as they walk out, followed by their groomsmen and bridesmaids (Reiko and Emily being the youngest of the latter two), a wistful expression on his face. Five inkan ring the scene.
Alternate: Hiei doing the exact same thing at Yukina and Kuwabara's wedding (which is a ve-ry traditional Shintô deal, with them both in wafuku.)

Six: Valacirca and Pleias, handing out golden pentacles to Tonio, Shuuji, Yohko, and Junko. Alternative: Kuwabara blithely tossing them at Yuusuke and Keiko, pretending that he isn't doing it.

Seven: Baranohana, Manjushake, and Sei each being presented with a jewel-medal. The twins have two each already, while this is Sei's first.
Alternate: Seven jewels (opal, pearl, diamond, emerald, ruby, jade, and lapis lazuli) float above Kuwabara signing a contract of some sort.

Eight: Reiko and Emily (in fifth grade) working at their desks.
Alternate: Genkai training Yuusuke in rei techniques. Either way, it is surrounded by eight o-fuda.

Nine: Nine glowing circles of reiki (the characters rin, hyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, zai, and zen) surround Botan, who is seated in a chair in a room full of plants, eating grapes and cherries out of a bowl while reading a *Maison Ikkoku* wideban (and dressed in old, comfortable clothes). There is a bonsai pine on the table next to her, and a peony beside it. A blue ribbon woven with threads of metallic silver-green and a gem-tone blend of onyx and carnelian dangles from her hand.
Alternate: Youko-Kurama in his comfortable refuge, absolutely FULL of plants (one of which has grown nine fruits with the above characters).

Ten: Ten pentacles hover overhead as an aging Shizuru prepares to take a picture of Yukina, an equally aging Kuwabara, their eight children (four sets of twins: two of the girls look exactly like Yukina, one looks like a combination of Yukina and Shizuru, and one looks sort of like Azusa from *Mamono Hunter Yohko*; only one of the boys takes after Kuwabara), two sons-in-law, one daughter-in-law, and one grandchild. Everyone is smiling happily.

Servant: Keiko, studying something vociferously. A large and really complicated pentacle adorns the topmost notebook (it looks like Fuyuka's summoning one from *Silent Moebius*).

Guardian: Kuwabara, in one of his classic "Kuwabara is a man!" poses. He stands in a large pentacle on the ground.

Lady: Shizuru, under an autumn maple, sitting at a picnic table outdoors and glaring at the Gakidama (which is on the table in front of her). A rabbit is in a hutch behind her.
<Himiko> What's the Gakidama doing there?
<Honey> Well, it ought to go in somewhere. The suits are sticks, bowls/cups/mirrors, blades, and seals/coins/jewels. And it kind of fits here.
<Estrevan> What does 'gakidama' mean anyway?
<Honey> The Gaki Sphere.
<Himiko> What's a gaki?
<Honey> A hungry spirit. You know, like Gena.
<Himiko> Oh, the cloud that eats body odor.
<Estrevan> Most of them eat harmless things like that, but there's a variety that eats living flesh, a variety that drinks blood, and a variety that eats souls. Or maybe just spirits.
<Honey> Which is why it's called the Gakidama.

Lord: Youko-Kurama sitting at an extremely dusty desk, casting a human shadow. He's rapidly leafing through the desk, on the top of which he has deposited assorted small valuable items. Also on top of the desk is something that bears a striking resemblance to the Meikaigyoku.

Arcana Maiora


0. (Alpha; Omega) ahou. [The Fool] Kuwabara Kazuma.

    He is in Genkai's temple grounds under a tree, holding Eikichi (who is delighted at the attention.) Kuwabara is wearing that white outfit, the one with the writing on the back.
<Meika> See, it fits because the card is called ahou, but it isn't, and Kuwabara-kun is called ahou, but he isn't either.

1. (Beta) mahôtsukai. [The Magician] Urameshi Yuusuke.

    Seated on the roof; he's skipping class again. Behind him are the Three Reikai Treasures and Botan's oar. Yuusuke is looking up into the sky, as if watching something. Along the bottom of the card is a border of red and white roses and lilies (both white calla-lilies and redder spider-lilies.)

2. (Gamma) daishinkan. [The Priestess / The Female Pope / The High Priestess] Yukina.

    She's wearing her kimono and sitting in a chair shaped like a crescent moon, outside in the snow. In the foreground, some birds have come to eat the grain she has just thrown down; one particularly daring one is pecking at the few kernels left in her hand. Her face is laughing and delighted. Behind and above the chair, the cat Ohi is lounging, watching the birds amusedly although she would not jump them in Yukina's presence. It's dusk, as can be seen through the bare trees.

3. (Delta) kohgoh. [The Empress] Shiori.

    In the foreground, between the World's Largest Stalk of Rice and a young peach tree, Shiori is sitting on a low wooden chair, petting the EXTREMELY SMUG silver-grey fox curled in her lap (not all his tails are visible). Behind her, four women hold out products of the two sacred plants: Julie holds a small basket of sembei and a bowl of peach yogurt, Koto has a tray bearing mochi and peach pie, Luka has a bowl of rice and a basket of peaches, and Atsuko has bottles of sake and peach brandy. The sun shines down gloriously upon the scene and the five flower-garlanded women.

4. (Epsilon) kohtei. [The Emperor] Raizen.

    He is on a throne looking both majestic and careworn. Hanging around are four of his friends (and for the life of me I cannot recall their names, except for Enki and Kokou. You tell me). This is inside, in a big hall.
<Ansui> She cannot work out proper symbols to go in the background of this. Help would be appreciated.

5. (Digamma) kannagi. [The Priest / The Pope / The Hierophant] Koenma(otona).

    Ruins under a cloudy sky; Koenma in his adult form is seated atop a short pillar. His cape is free to blow about, and among the ruins are carvings of a spear, a sword, a mirror, and something round. Below him Ayame is about to leap to oar.

6. (Zeta) aijintachi. [The Lovers]

    Botan in her red jacket and pants in front of some public-looking building, looking a bit clueless. On the right, Hiei (in black cloak and trousers) is sitting on the wall to the side of the building's steps, with his back against a large stone urn. On the left, Kurama is leaning against a tree in *his* school uniform, twiddling one of his roses in his hand.
<Kommuchi> You are not allowed to kill her for this one. Two alternates are provided.Make up a better one if you think it should exist.
<Yamirai> The Lovers is supposed to represent division, among other things. This image was certainly well-chosen; it will stirup division even among the fan-following.
Alternate: Itsuki tenderly holding the reclining form of Sensui, in that dimension he sealed the two of them into. His face is partially obscured by the forward-fall of his green hair, but Sensui is smiling.
Alternate 2: Against the pastel-perfect scenery of the Reikai, a blushing Koashura prepares to give Kotennyo a present.

7. (Eta) basha. [The Chariot] Hiei.

    Hiei, standing in a chariot, releasing the Kokuryuuha (apparently straight into the viewer's face) with Hiei Expression #4 (Insufferably Smug) on his face. There's really not much more to say about this one.

8. (Theta) seigi. [Justice / Balance] Kuwabara Shizuru.

    She's standing in an on-guard pose, a ward in one hand and a bentoh in the other. Behind her is a little scale on a shelf, with a feather in one pan and a human heart in the other; next to it is a pair of very dark sunglasses. Her stance shows that she is equally ready to hand the person facing her the bentoh or slap on the ward.

9. (Iota) sennin. [The Hermit] Yomi.

    He is standing in a room that is rather dark, not that it makes any difference to him. In one corner an amazing amount of loot is piled up; in another, a pile of scrolls. One is partially unrolled, and it can be seen that the letters are raised. His head is tilted a little, as he listens to something.

10. (Kappa) unmei no sharin. [Wheel of Fortune / Fortune] Ayanami Reiko to Puu.

    In the four corners (same as on the back) are little super-deformed versions of the four guys. In this case, however, they are of Toushin Yuusuke, youko-Kurama, Hiei when he is taken over by the argus-youkai he got the Jagan implanted from (at least I think that's what it is, it's NOT natural to him) and Kuwabara has been replaced by Gunnar. There is a large wheel (well, it was a wheel before the middle got blown out) in the center of the card. Going down on the (apparently clockwise-turning) wheel are small versions of those two friends of Keiko's; coming up on it are a small Emily and Karin; and seated atop it, legs crossed, is a miniature Yuusuke (who is wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans and whose hair is down). The heads of Hiei and Yomi are peering over his right and left shoulders. The wheel is no longer a wheel because Puu (in phoenix form) has just flown through it from behind, Reiko on his back uncertain whether to maintain a death grip of terror or have the time of her life as the two appear to be about to fly right out of the card and into the Reader's face. Yuusuke's face has a fond smile as he watches the two of them.
Alternate (Yuusuke): The border is the same (except for SD Gunnar being replaced by an exceedingly well-battered Kuwabara); but it is Enma Daioh who is falling off the wheel, Hiei who is rising on it, and a casually garbed Keiko seated atop it. The wheel has been blown out from behind by Yuusuke (dressed in the same outfit as stated above), and the energy of the rei-gun is heading right out the face of the card.

11. (Lambda) miko. [Strength / Lust (o_O) / Woman of Power] Yukimura Keiko.

    She's wearing a school fuku and wielding a wok. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
    (Although, to be honest, the wok is not in Instant Attack Position, and she's standing in front of a playground. Little kids are playing in the background. Only be afraid if you're threatening the kids, if you're threatening Yuusuke, or if you *are* Yuusuke.)

12. (Mu) taretabito. [The Hanged Man] Kurama Minamino Shuuichi.

    Kurama in his short dark surcoat, suspended by his ankle (which is tied by a vine to a T-frame) upside-down. He has that calm expression on his face that *never* lets one know what he is thinking. His other leg is bent behind the first one, and his arms are folded beind his back. He is surrounded by foliage; on one side the image of his youko self can *almost* be seen, and in another his human self at the age he was when he met Hiei.
<Honey> She didn't want to put him in his school uniform, but a long surcoat would have flopped down over his face. This is a nice compromise. 

13. (Nu) shi. [Death]  Botan.

    Botan zooming through the clouds on her oar. Could be taken from the first opening (and probably was).
<Meika> This one was just absolutely obvious. Okay?

14. (Xi) sessei. [Temperance / Art / Moderation] Genkai.

    Genkai with a pool of water before her, juggling reiki globes. Inside each globe is an image of her balancing upside-down on a tack with one finger. On the left is a tall hourglass, on the right a similar contraption with water. Reflected in the pool is the young Genkai, juggling globes of fire. In each of these is the image of her doing a somersault over Toguro's shoulder.

15. (Omikron) aragami. [The Devil] Yakumo.

    Yakumo, looking dangerous. At his feet are small versions of Raigo, Majari, and Whatshisface. Behind him in the sky is the purpleness of the approaching Meikai.
Alternate (Sakyou): He's seated, urbanely sipping wine in the room where moments before the sponsors of the Ankoku Bujuutsukai and their lackeys were quite bloodily ripped up.Toguro stands nearby with his brother on his shoulder, saying something.

16. (Pi) horoboshitatoo [The Blasted Tower / The Tower / The Shattered Tower]

    A tower convulsing in its death throes. The largest figure is Toguro, just toppling backwards. Below him, the other three members of his team are already falling; in back and to the left of him, Sakyou is smiling and holding the detonator to his bombs as the ground cracks beneath his feet. Far, far down, two people that might be Gonzou Tarukane and Rando have almost hit the ground; two small figures in kimono are flying up on their oars, one with red hair and the other with dark blue.
Alternate: The uppermost part of the tower of the citadel of Youma exploding rather spectacularly. Suzaku is going flying, a look of complete and utter shock on his face.
<Himiko> Don't use more than one of the Toguro-and-Sakyou options.
<Estrevan> Both of them were fairly important characters.
<Himiko> Yes, but I don't like them.

17. (San) hoshiboshi. [Stars / The Star] Mukuro.

    Beneath a sky full of brilliantly shining stars, Mukuro is kneeling on the lip of a fountain, nude, her unscarred side toward us. She pours water from a pearlescent pitcher into the fountain with one hand, while the other has tilted, pouring water on the ground. In the background, a wolf howls on a hill. Although the stars are reflected brightly in the water, Mukuro is not.

18. (Koppa) tsuki. [The Moon] Shura.

    A gibbous moon gleams palely in the sky; no stars can be seen. Shura, grown to adulthood, is seated on low stone steps leading down into a reflecting pool. Behind him and to either side are two stone statues, facing each other, of Baranohana and Manjushake, in dress uniform and each holding an oar blade-down; obviously what the pool was built to reflect. Oddly enough, it does not reflect them, but rather Valacirca and Pleias (respectively.) Shura has just dropped something into the pool, so that his reflection is hard to make out; it seems to be that of someone with waist-length white hair. Jin and Suzuki are peeking around the left statue, and Tooya and Shishiwakamaru around the right.
Alternate (Sensui Shinobu to Itsuki): A gibbous moon gleams palely, high in the sky. Sensui and Itsuki are in the foreground, seated next to a little pool. In the background are all the really important youkai who haven't been on a card yet.
<Ansui> The ones in the background are small versions, or the card would be extremely crowded.

19. (Rho) taiyou. [The Sun] Kuwabara Kazuma.

    It is a glorious sunny day. Kuwabara, wearing an olive-green shirt, is in a garden, having just hoisted a bag of weeds onto his shoulder to carry off to somewhere. Behind him, Ookubo, Sawamura, and Kirishima are weeding the garden. There is a low stone wall behind them, and a stream cutting across the lower left-hand corner. Kuwabara is beaming happily; this, too, is the life!
Alternate (Ayanami Reiko to Puu): In the foreground, Reiko riding on Puu and having the time of her life. Behind and below them, Reiko's friends (Emily, Karin, Gunnar, Sei, Valacirca, Pleias, Tonio, Shuuji, Yohko, and Junko) are chasing each other through golden fields. In the far background rice paddies curve up to the blank strip of Anoya Colony through which the sun may shine (as it does now.)
<Kommuchi> Please do not use more than one of the Reiko ones. This one actually fits Kuwa-chan better, which is why it was made the primary choice.

20. (Sigma) hantei. [Judgement / Reward / The Last Judgement] Koenma.

    Koenma at his desk, stamping away briskly. George and the orange-skinned oni stand by with more stacks of papers.
<Yamirai> This was the other absolutely obvious one.

21. (Tau) sekai no naka de odoribito. [The World / The Universe / The Dancer at the Heart of the World] Toushin Yuusuke ya tsuma.

    Toushin Yuusuke, wearing pants, dancing back-to-back with a woman whose face is not visible. One of his hands is doing something rei-hadou-ish, and the other one (which is raised) has a red thread attached to the little finger. The other end of the thread is attached to the little finger of the woman's upraised arm; all that is visible of her is that hand and arm, the other hand and arm, a mass of brown hair swinging in the other direction from Yuusuke's black, a piece of blue-white chlamys swinging in the same direction as the brown hair, and a bit of leg and foot. They are within the same border as on the back of the cards, but it is lighter somehow.

    If anyone has a better design, or something, or doesn't quite agree with some of these, or thinks these are wonderful, I'd like to hear it and may use it in future updates. What I wouldn't give to be able to draw...

(For instance, Jhiend-san kindly suggested the alternate for the 15th Arcanum Maiorum. Doomo arigatoo gozaimasu!)

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