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Much of my fanfiction lives here. It is, I am afraid, somewhat sporadically updated, as is my livejournal.
Amefuri's Short Useful Note On Videofiles and Songfics: 

Here and there, on this page, there are references made to something called a "videofile." On occasion, people have mentioned that "it's not a story" or been similarly confused about their purpose. Likewise, there has been a confusion between videofiles and songfics. Here, therefore, is a short little definition of their meanings in the Joh-Luri-Kai. 
A piece of fanfiction written based on some song or other. WhiteCat has a number of them. Luriko-Ysabeth has one that's taking her forever to write. When she finishes "Sounds of Silence," she shall put it up here.  They often include the lyrics, here and there, so one can see what inspired which. 
Also referred to as a videoclip, this is a description of the music video you'd make if you owned the studio and the rights to everything involved. While a videofile can tell a story, just as a song can tell a story, they are not stories per se. What they are is a very enjoyable descriptive exercise and an attempt to share the images which go through a particular writer's head with other people who like the same things -- and isn't that what fanworks are all about?


Yuu Yuu Hakusho

"Fanfics were made for people, not people for fanfics." Gee... could have fooled ME...

Reikai Classic Theater

Short things. Fun. Silly.
Sanbiki no Kobuta  Magyokotsu  Chieari-dono  Ranporustiruchikin-kun



Little vignettes from the YYH universes -- some multi-applicable, some Universe 8, some Universe 52, etc...
Everything But (multi)
 White Day (multi)
Smoking Mirror (#8) This won a prize in the Aestheticism contest.
 Sakura ga Chiru Koro (#8, #42)
 But I Have Promises To Keep
A vignette (#8, #42) that only crosses into the YYH-verses in the mildest sort of way. But still.
 My Object All Sublime
Another such vignette (#1026).

Sakura Jiki

The Sakura Files, involving the life, times, and family of Sanzunokawa Mizusaki Annainin Sakura-chan.
 File-03: Incubation

Thus Was Inari Murdered

A parody of Sarah Caudwell's excellent novel, Thus Was Adonis Murdered. If I've been doing it right, knowledge of the original shouldn't be necessary to enjoy this, although I firmly believe that her version is better anyway.
 Part One: Juri-chan WHAT?!!
 Part Two: "That cannot be the same Kurama."
 Part Three: "The deed is done... "
Akuma-chan's Yuu Yuu Hakusho Videofile: Shiori's Rose
This one dovetails rather nicely with mine, and Akuma-chan was nice enough to let me put it up on my page! It even has a title: "Shiori's Rose."
 Yuu Yuu Hakusho Videofile: Kurama
I was listening to the song one day, and it told me it wanted this videofile. So here it is.
Tarot for Universe 52
Fushigi Yuu Yuu Hakusho
Keiko, put the book DOWN...
Yuu Yuu Hakusho and all characters thereof belong to Togashi Yoshihiro-sensei, Studio Pierrot, Fuji TeleV, and some company whose name I can't read.


Shohjo Fanfic

Fushigi Yuugi

 Mnhei'sahe ~ Fas Est Agere
Now that you have failed yourself, where do you go from here?
I warn you, I am absolutely terrible at picking story titles. If anyone can think of a better one for this story, please tell me.
Contains spoilers for end of story.
Windsong, Rainsong
In the midst of death, we are in life.
Yatta! I have finally, finally, come up with a title for one of my Fushigi Yuugi pastiches that I'm happy with! ("And Then You're Gonna Die" doesn't count, because it arrived complete with title.)
Contains almost-spoilers that you probably won't get unless you already know them anyway.
Boku no Uchuu ni Kimi ga Iru
The same as the top one, only more so. Contains ep. 33 spoilers, lots of philios and agape, and a Greek poem filked by yours truly. This was an unbirthday present for an e.friend of mine, Juri-chan, priestess of Hotohori and writer of fanfics.
And Then You're Gonna Die
It kind of grew, okay? These will all probably eventually be woven into The Reunion... but till then...

Prism: Sakura ga Chiru Koro
To be reborn in the Miko's world is not always a blessing.
Fushigi Yuugi Videofile
One of my favorite songs, and a series I love. Full of Spoilers, Parvati-chan.
 Because I Could Not Stop For Death
This is quite possibly my weirdest crossover yet.
  Fushigi Yuu Yuu Hakusho
A sequel -- of sorts. The new Tamahome is a girl?!!
Fushigi Yuugi and all assorted characters thereof belong to Watase Yuu-sensei... let's all fall down and worship her, shall we?

Mahou Tsukai TAI!

A look at one of the minor characters of this show. A weird look. (Yes, Virginia, this is a crossover.)
 Jeff-kun Monogatari
Any true fan of the show knows that there is more to Jeff-kun the winged teddy bear than first appears. This is a guess of mine as to what, precisely, might be hiding behind that appearance: it wandered into my head and wouldn't go away.
Mahou Tsukai TAI! belongs to Ohta Tami, Youmex, and so forth. If I'm wrong, do correct me.

Magic Knight RayEarth

 The Salt, the Princesses, and the Kingdom of Used Cars
This is the way (according to Hikaru-chan) it OUGHT to have happened... more or less... (presently incomplete)
The Other Side of the Story; or, Why I'm Going to Strangle That Little Brat Camaro (Alcyone's Tale)
A sequel of sorts to "The Amber Lord." Alcyone in a rampantly borrowed plot. (Why aren't there more fanfics about that obasan?) <ducks ice storm>
Magic Knight RayEarth (and MKRE 2) belong to the lovely and talented ladies of CLAMP, who have produced wondrous stories and marvelous art, too little of which I have bought. Kneel in adoration, and then go out and worship them with your credit card by Buying Their Stuff. Ne?

Other CLAMP works

  Frame: The Watches of the Morning
This vignette is the fifth piece of Gakuen Tokkei Duklyon fanfiction I have ever discovered (and I wrote it myself. That's sad).
Frame: Pieces of Her Soul
A look into the mind of my favorite character in Card Captor Sakura.
Seeds of Gentleness
IN WHICH Tomoyo-chan Has a Birthday, And the Secret of Her Father Is Illuminated.
... and last, Hope
After The Sealed Card, a summer festival and a Hellenic story bring Tomoyo to consider possibility...
Family Affairs
Meiling/Mei-ling and Shaolan/Hsiao-lang (I refuse to romanize a breathy sh sound with an 'x') have a talk, on his wedding day...
Warning: DARK.


Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman

Like Star Trek, this show has spawned more and greater (and far more varied) stories than the creators invented or even dreamed of, ranging from great works of lyrical beauty to items that cause one's sides to split and one's drink to make one cough for five minutes straight. And it did it with rather less to start with, too!
 So THAT'S Why!
A silly little explication for one of the most bothersome annoyances on the 'Net that won the approval of one of my personal idols. Ysa-chan ureshiiii... ^_^
 My Object All Sublime
What is fair recompense for the deeds of the disturber?
Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman belongs to the nice people at Tatsunoko Pro.

Saint Seiya

Oh, come on, classics major -- did you honestly expect this show WOULDN'T suck me in?
 Tataki no Megami
(Also A Little Semitic Tradition And Hindu Legend)
with Saint Seiya in it
Saint Seiya belongs to Kurumada Masami and Toei Animation.


Rurouni Kenshin

A lot of people like it. A few hate it. The author is excellent at crafting compelling characters -- and rather less gifted at the actual writing of the story, with the result that many, many people have stepped in, myself among them. Oh, and I drool over the male lead... ^_^
The Inside of My Skin
A short look into the head of my favorite character.
 But I Have Promises To Keep
The reasons for various behaviours.
Sakura Jiki File-03: Incubation
I like crossovers. Crossovers are good when done right...
The Kamiya Dojo gets the most interesting visitors, ne?
 Because I Could Not Stop For Death
Another crossover: takes place after the manga ending, and a companion to "The Inside of My Skin."
 RK Does Vegas
Complete and utter silliness.
Rurouni Kenshin belongs to Watsuki Nobuhiro, SONY, and... umm... I forget.


Tenchi-Muyou! Ryoh-oh-ki

This is the second fandom I ever played around in. So far I have one work that I started when I was rather... more impressed with myself than I am now; I'm probably never going to come back to it, but here it remains for archival purposes.

Tenchi-Muyou! Ryoh-oh-ki: in Love

i.e., OVA #14.
 Prologue: Chrono/Kaino Trigger
 Part One: The Time-Space-and-the-Other Machine
 Part Two: An Isseijin Edokko in Achika-hime's Court
 Part Three: Tenchi's Midday Garden
 Part Four: A Swiftly Tilting Galaxy
 -side story: Sasami no Yume-
Part Five: Time-Space-and-the-Other Stranger
Part Six: The Tower at the End of the Universe is, as I have said above, probably never to be completed.
Tenchi-Muyou! and all characters and situations thereof are property of Kajishima Masaki, Hayashi Hiroki, Hasegawa Naoko, AIC, and Pioneer.


Let me warn you now: I have really, really weird tastes in crossovers. (Of course, if you've been going from the top down, you already knew that, right?)

Tales From the Black Grape

It's raining, it's nasty, and so Lina, Gourry, Sylphiel, Zelgadis, and Amelia have nothing to do but sit around and tell stories. Of course, the casting's kind of limited, and the story choices are kind of... odd... but it's GOT to be better than blowing the inn down, right? Right?
 Day One: Amelia's Story (chapters 1-5)
 Slayers belongs to Kanzaki Haruka, Araizumi Rui, TV Tokyo, Softx, and probably some other people whom I can't exactly recall at the moment.

Please note that I am using characters and situations from stories that already exist, for the simple reason that I love these stories and am offering the sincerest form of homage that I know of. I am not materially profiting from this in any way, shape, or form. I would rather you not sue me, since I have no money. (I have no life, either, but that's another kettle of fish.) 
There are lots and lots and lots of people out there who write better stories than I do. Around here somewhere should be a  storylink list page (I swear, that's the last time I let Amefuri organize this place...) 
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