Publications - Dragan Huterer

No.  Authors  Title (and PDF, as published)   Reference (journal and arXiv link) 
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119  DESI collaboration The DESI Experiment Part II: The Instrument Design arXiv:1611.00037
118  DESI collaboration The DESI Experiment Part I: Science, Targeting, and Survey Design arXiv:1611.00036
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116  N. MacCrann, J. Aleksić, A. Amara, S. L. Bridle, C. Bruderer, C. Chang, S. Dodelson, T.F. Eifler, E.M. Huff, D. Huterer et al. (DES collaboration) Inference from the small scales of cosmic shear with current and future Dark Energy Survey data MNRAS 465, 2567 (2017), arXiv:1608.01838
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107  K.A. Hinton, A. Becker and D. Huterer A User-Friendly Dark Energy Model Generator arXiv:1506.05088
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105  M. Alvarez et al (28 authors) Testing Inflation with Large Scale Structure: Connecting Hopes with Reality arXiv:1412.4671
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