Representative Talks - Dragan Huterer

  Below is a selection of talks that I have given over the years, with each one representing roughly what I talked about on the topic around that time.

Year  Title (and PDF)   Place(s) Given  
2022  The challenge with using dark sirens Snowmass (virtual)
2021  Cosmological Anomalies: a Holistic View A Discussion on the Cosmological Principle conference (virtual)
2020-21  Mapping the Universe with Dark Energy Survey (post-Y3 version) MPA/LMU (Munich), Iran (virtual), Yale Astro (virtual), Brazil (virtual)
2019  Dark Energy Twenty Years after: Cosmological Probes and Consistency Tests Irvine (Philosophy-Physics mtg)
2016-2018  New Views of the Universe (Michigan, MIT version) Michigan, MIT, SUNY Buffalo, Case Western, UMass Lowell colloquia (more general-level than a seminar)
2016  Dark Energy at the Crossroads Harvard Physics, Washington St. Louis
2015  Dark matter: an introduction (outreach; intro to panel discussion) Great Lakes Planetarium Association conference, Grand Rapids, MI
2015  Growth of Structure: the Next Frontier IAS, MPA, LMU, Heidelberg, Bielefeld, Greece, Stockholm (Nordita), Leiden
2014-15  Is the large-angle CMB anomalous? MPA, Dallas (Texas symp)
2013-15  The Quest for Primordial non-Gaussianity Cornell, Durham "Ripples in the Cosmos", Fermilab, Excellence Cluster Garching, Benasque
2013  LSS: the Next Frontier for tests of Primordial non-Gaussianity Chicheley Hall (Royal Society, UK), Minnesota, SLAC (both Snowmass-13)
2013  Dark Energy: Pedagogical Overview and Future Prospects KITP Santa Barbara
2012  CMB Lensing: a Science Overview JPL workshop on CMB lensing
2012-2016  Three Pillars of the Big Bang (outreach talk) Houston Lunar and Planetary Institute, Cleveland Astronomical Society
2012  Dark Energy: Systematic Requrements and Future Prospects Anchorage (Special AAS session on WFIRST)
2012  Dipoles in the Sky Perimeter
2012  Fundamental Physics from Large-scale Structure Arizona State
2011  Testing Statistical Isotropy and Primordial NG with the CMB and LSS Kopenhagen (DARK center)
2009-14  Falsifying Paradigms for Cosmic Acceleration LBL, Aspen, Caltech, Stanford, Brookhaven, Carnegie-Mellon, Syracuse, Perimeter, Trieste, Porto (COSMO-11), Cape Town
2011  Primordial Non-Gaussianity and Large-Scale Structure Texas A&M, JPL, KITP Santa Barbara, Perimeter
2009-12  Dark Energy and Accelerating Universe SUNY Buffalo, Michigan Philosophy, Ohio University
2008-09  Primordial Non-Gaussianity and Large-Scale Structure Case Western, Univ. Los Alamos, Wash St-Louis, Stanford, Columbia, Florida, Penn, Syracuse, Benasque, Cape Town
2008  Lambda, Dark Energy, or Modified Gravity? Avignon, Davis (COSMO-06)
2008  A decision Tree for Dark Energy Texas A&M (PPC 2008)
2008  Figures of Merit for Dark Energy Measurements Space Telescope Science Institute
2007  Dark Energy, Modified Gravity, and Accelerating Universe APS meeting, 2007 (semi-review), Texas A&M (PPC)
2006-10  Mysteries of the Large-Angle Microwave Sky UC Irvine, Notre Dame, Wayne State, CITA, Avignon, Trieste, Budapest, Benasque
2006-07  Cosmological Probes of Dark Energy (job talk!) Michigan, Pitt, Brown, Penn State, Vanderbilt, NYU...
2004-05  Is the large-scale microwave background cosmic? LBL, Wisconsin, UC Davis, NYU, Tufts, Yale,...
2005-06  The future of Dark Energy Measurements Columbia, Imperial College, Oxford, Portsmouth, Sussex
2003  CMB windows on Dark Energy LBL, Seattle (AAS 201)
2003  Multipole Vectors and the CMB Sky Princeton
2003-04  Understanding the Properties of Dark Energy in the Universe Pitt, CERN
2002  Probing Dark Energy: Combining SN and CMB KITP Santa Barbara
2002-03  Strong Lensing and the Density Profies of Halos and Galaxies Case Western, Great Lakes Workshop,...
2001-02  Cosmological Probes of Dark Energy Case Western, UC Berkeley, Pitt
2000  Optimal SN search Strategies Marina del Rey (Dark Matter 2000)
1999  Reconstructing Quintessence Fermilab (Inner Space Outer Space II), Chicago (Pritzker Symp on Inflation + AAS mtg)