Yifeng Huang (黄奕烽)

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Michigan–Ann Arbor. My advisor is Michael Zieve. I am interested in a variety of concrete problems in algebraic geometry, number theory and combinatorics. I also know some arithmetic dynamics. Feel free to contact me with any problem or project idea in your mind!

Here is my CV and my research statement.

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  • Email: huangyf αt umich ∂οt edu
  • Office: 5080 East Hall
  • Pronunciation: ee-FENG or yee-FENG
  • Pronouns: he/him/his


  1. A generating function for counting mutually annihilating matrices over a finite field, in preparation. slides, handwritten notes
  2. Cohomology of configuration spaces on punctured varieties. pdf, arXiv page, slides
  3. Rationality for the Betti numbers of the unordered configuration spaces of points on the punctured torus, with G. Cheong, submitted. pdf, arXiv page, slides, video
  4. Unit equations on quaternions, Q. J. Math. 71 (2020), 1521–1534. pdf, published version, arXiv page
  5. Cohen–Lenstra distributions via random matrices over complete discrete valuation rings with finite residue fields, with G. Cheong, Illinois J. Math., to appear. pdf, arXiv page

Research Talks (upcoming and past)


I am teaching MATH 116: Calculus II in Winter 2021. If you are my student, please refer to your canvas site for more information.

I have previously taught MATH 105: Data, Functions and Graphs, MATH 115: Calculus I, MATH 116: Calculus II and EECS 203: Discrete Mathematics.

Non-research writings

  • Handwritten notes on mass formulae predicting the distribution of number field discriminants, following a paper by Manjul Bhargava, for the final presentation of a topic course on arithmetic statistics in Winter 2020. It contains an attempt to explain a subtle mismatch in the quadratic case.
  • Expository notes on quadratic forms and quadratic fields.
  • Notes on elliptic curves with complex multiplication, attempting to fix a gap in Silverman's Advanced Topics in the arithmetic of elliptic curves, Theorem II.4.1.
  • Notes on abelian varieties, written as final projects of the algebraic geometry course in Winter 2016 and the abelian variety course in Fall 2017.
  • Two introductory notes on Chern classes. via Schubert calculus, via differential geometry

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