Yifeng Huang (黄奕烽)

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Michigan–Ann Arbor. My advisor is Michael Zieve. I am interested in a variety of concrete problems in algebraic geometry, number theory and combinatorics. I also know some arithmetic dynamics. Feel free to contact me with any problem or project idea in your mind!

Here is my CV.

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  • Email: huangyf αt umich ∂οt edu
  • Office: 5080 East Hall
  • Pronunciation: ee-FENG or yee-FENG
  • Pronouns: he/him/his


Research Talks (upcoming and past)


I have taught MATH 105: Data, Functions and Graphs, MATH 115: Calculus I, MATH 116: Calculus II and EECS 203: Discrete Mathematics. I am not teaching in the current semester (Fall 2020).

Non-research writings

  • Handwritten notes on mass formulae predicting the distribution of number field discriminants, following a paper by Manjul Bhargava, for the final presentation of a topic course on arithmetic statistics in Winter 2020. It contains an attempt to explain a subtle mismatch in the quadratic case.
  • Expository notes on quadratic forms and quadratic fields.
  • Notes on elliptic curves with complex multiplication, attempting to fix a gap in Silverman's Advanced Topics in the arithmetic of elliptic curves, Theorem II.4.1.
  • Notes on abelian varieties, written as final projects of the algebraic geometry course in Winter 2016 and the abelian variety course in Fall 2017.
  • Two introductory notes on Chern classes. via Schubert calculus, via differential geometry

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  • UMich Math Seminar Page