Research Group

Current Graduate Students:

  • Byung-Joo Kim- Vehicle Stability Control of Heading Angle and Lateral Deviation to Mitigate Secondary Collisions
  • Tianyou Guo-Terramechanics of tracked small robots
  • Ding Zhao-Accelerated evaluation of automated vehicles
  • Xiaowu Zhang-Configuration, sizing and control of power split hybrid vehicles
  • Ziheng Pan-Power split hybrid powertrain of hydraulic hybrid vehicles
  • Steve Karamihas-Measurement and interpretation of longitudinal road profile
  • Caihao Weng- Robust Methodologies to Identify State of Health and State of Charge of Li-Ion Batteries
  • Yuxiao Chen-Safety Assured Control for Automotive Systems
  • Oguz Dagzi-Power Split Hybrid Vehicle for Light Truck Applications
  • Su-Yang Shieh-Stabilization and Optimization of microgrids with renewal energy sources