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Web Resources for Animation, Video, Time-based Art, other Arts

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Apple's Final Cut EXPRESS video tutorials - excellent for beginners's FREE tutorials-Final Cut Express - excellent video tutorials, subscribers get access to all of them for $25/month FREE tutorials-Final Cut Pro
Brown University - Final Cut Tutorial page
Apple's Final Cut Studio Resources
Garageband Tutorials - helpful video tutorials to get you started making, editing, mixing audio
Creative Cow - has great forums and video tutorials for many different softwares, After Effects, Final Cut, etc.
After Effects User Listserv - excellent listserve with amazing people on it, subscribe to digest mode
Apple's Final Cut STUDIO video tutorials - for those having Final Cut PRO
Ken Stone's Final Cut Pro resource page
The Little Digital Video Book: A Friendly Introduction to Home Video - by Michael Rubin, UM online books

How to post VIDEO on BLOGGER-files must be .mov, MPEG4, 3GPP (h.264 or mpeg4 codecs)
Frame Thief -16x9
- Heidi's tips (using standard def camera to make 16x9 animations)
FinalCutPro - 16x9 - Heidi's Final Cut tips (after you have shot, how to edit in Final Cut Pro)

FrameThief tips-
from Heidi for basic NTSC standard movie making
Heidi's High Def video/animation tip sheet - for HD, HDV
Heidi's rendering tip sheet for scaling down: HDTV to DV-NTSC 720x480


Image Databases--online image collections accessible to you from UM Library--LOTS of special collections available to you because of UM affiliation
MLibrary Image Collections -images that UM owns
AP (Associated Press) Images and sounds -(you have access through UM) - great quality news image & audio files that can be downloaded
Library of Congress FLICKR photo stream, 1000's of photos from 1900's-1940's, public domain images
American Memory Historical collections - national digital library of the Library of Congress
ArtStor - giant database of art images, searchable by keyword, title, etc. (access is through UM Libraries)
Prelinger Internet Movie Archive: 1000's of public domain/copyright-free ads, documentaries, educational films, etc...

Google Earth--satellite maps of everything.
Free Play - downloadable music and other stuff
Free Sound - downloadable sounds of all kinds, variety of file types, Creative Commons licensing
Early Motion Picture Archive - Library of Congress archive small quicktimes of b/w, silent movies, U.S. historical events, actions
Microsoft Research Maps- public access to huge collection of USGS aerial imagery and USGS topographic maps


UBU Web--great site for artists' videos
Play Gallery-School of Art and Design's very own online channel for time-based work Play Gallery's favorites on YouTube
We-Make-Money-Not-Art - amazing variety reviews, photos, updates on art & technology
Art 21 - Excellent nationally broadcast PBS television program on contemporary art
Tate Channel - Tate Modern Museum (London) has its own "channel" for video programs about contemp art
Walker Art Channel - Walker Museum in Minneapolis hosts video programs about contemporary art
MoMA - Museum of Modern Art's multimedia page with videos, interviews, etc.

VIMEO's Everything Animated Channel
Motionographer--great site for all kinds of work: animation, motion graphics
Shooting People - GREAT international networking organisation dedicated to the support and promotion of independent filmmaking
Daily Motion- Public online video channel with categories such as motionmakers
Animation BLOG- by UK Animation teacher --posts almost everyday
STUART--Saatchi Gallery in London's STudent ART site. Submit your work today!
Illegal - great remixes of movies, news, etc.
Cyclope - Netherlands Media Art Institute. Artists' videos, REAL PLAYER needed
Aardman Animations
- from the people who brought you Creature Comforts, Wallace & Gromit
Flicker Film and Video Artists - giant list of video artists
Post-video art online--nice site for experimental video
Learning to Love You More - great art "assignments" that are executed by anyone who wishes to do them
Atom Films - online movie channel/presenter
Adult Swim-cartoons for adults on television
Cube-Creative-French animation studio (is it better because it's in French?) look at: driving animation

Ira Glass (This American Life) giving advice on how to tell stories: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Ripped from the Pages of Real Life: real audio story telling with After Effects animation of photos, etc....
Story of Stuff - by FreeRange Graphics, the ones who brought you the MEATRIX about corporate farming
Creature Comforts - Nick Park's famous interviews with people who live in small spaces, or observe others in small spaces
Signe Baumane: Teat Beat of Sex--frank stories of sex from female point of view
Psychiatric Answering Machine, Kinetic Type animation (very After Effects...)
The End of the World, humorous pictorial analysis of international relations and nuclear weapons
Pants off Men - English MIS-translation of German song
Missed Aches - Joanna Priestley's hilarious "spell checker" stories

Demetri Martin - young comedian on Comedy Central, monologs with stick figure pictures
Whale Hunt - Jonathan Harris' visual journal with photos taken every 5 minutes
Paul Zaloom - performance artist/storyteller uses props and tells stories

Virgil Widrich - gorgeous, intense, labor intensive animations from 1000's of photos, xeroxes, "Fast Film" is a masterpiece, watch "how it was made"
Signe Baumane Hand drawn animations about sexuality from female point of view
Jacqueline Goss
- animations about applying scientific and political systems to irregular things, like PEOPLE!
--Beautiful 2D/3D slightly dark animation
Ezra Johnson - animated paintings tell a story of an art heist.
Jim Duesing - Animator (2D & 3D)with some terrific storyboards and notes
Jonathan Harris - The Whale Hunt - story told with still photos only
Joanna Quinn- Renowned animation "Girls Night Out"
Jeff Scher-hand painted/drawn, animator for NY Times Blog
Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis - black and white animation about growing up in Iran, adapted from her graphic novel
Run Wrake - collaged, freewheeling, stream of consciousness animations, music videos
Waltz with Bashir - (Ari Folman) animated, quasi-documentary about the Israeli filmmaker's experience in the Lebanon war in the 1980s

Historically important and fun:
Early Visual Media - Thomas Weynant's wonderful archive of images of rare precinema devices, photo, fairground art, conjuring arts
A Brief History of Stop-Action Animation - nice summary by Kevin Kelly with embedded examples.
Fleischer Brothers-produced classic animations 1921-42: Koko the Clown (nice combo of live action/animation) Betty Boop, , Popeye, competitor with Disney
Winsor McCay -Gertie the Dinosaur, classic from 1914, early drawn animation (silent)
Emile Cohl - "Fantasmagorie" from 1908, hand drawn showing the Hand

STOP MOTION ANIMATION and PIXILATION (using humans as objects)

PES--terrific stop-motion animator, watch the "how to" videos as well
Blu - incredible wall painted animations --graffiti that comes alive! amazing stuff.
Michael Langan - mesmerizing use of still photographs in Dahlia and others, check out the trailer for the Ann Arbor Film Festival
Eric Dyer - surreal sculptural objects animated
Bruce Bickford
- surreal and twisted clay animation, check o
ut Prometheus' Garden- 28 minute monstrous masterpiece
Jan Svankmajer - THE Czech animation genius
Lotte Reiniger - Mother of animated silhouettes, First animated feature: Prince Achmed
Brothers Quay - twin brothers who make dark, surreal, beautiful animated object films
National Film Board of Canada presents the best animation from the last 50 years (GREAT STUFF) -check out Norman McLaren
Shynola - nice Coldplay (music) video using chalk drawings and real people
Sandow Birk and Paul Zaloom's Dante's Inferno with Paper puppets in LA in 2005
Stop list of sites--various things here
David Crawford's stop motion studies using photographs taken on subway
Death Cab for Cutie--"drawless animation", nice how-it-was-made piece
Gary Schwartz - Detroit-based, Academy Award winning stop motion animator and artist
Wolfgang Christoph Lauenstein - "Balance" is a nice stop motion piece about balance of power (with no dialog)
Dragon Stop motion blog - some nice videos and behind the scenes photos
This is Where We Live - stop motion piece using city of books, made for a publisher, also some of the "how it was made" time lapse videos. excellent.

FLIP BOOKS collection with great videos of all kinds, antique, etc. of flip books being flipped!
History of Flipbooks-illustrated
Jack and Beverly's Optical toys- personal collection of pre-cinema devices
Ruth Hayes' site- flipbooks and IPOD animation sequences (!) check it out...
Daumenkino-flip book in action
Human Flip book-on a T-shirt
Polaroid stop motion piece-WOW.
Post-It Notes gone WILD!
Sports flip book with sound effects
Matrix style flip book drawings

ART AND ARTISTS::::Performance/Actions/Body/Activism

Look on UBU WEB for many more...

Yoko Ono- Fluxus artist, performer, former spouse of John Lennon, REAL TIME performances 1970s
Yves Klein - "Action" paintings using women as his paintbrushes
Fluxus films - see this page for all kinds of films, scroll down

William Wegman
- classic video performances with his dogs, see Early Videos, Stomach Song, many others

Chris Burden -daring, death defying acts documented well
Vito Acconci-early conceptual artist who expands art beyond the gallery, using public space, his body

Ana Mendieta - figurative performances w/gun powder, blood, natural forms
Tehching Hsieh - originator of the intense year long durational performances
Paul Zaloom - aka Beakman the science guy, known for his stories told with objects and overhead projectors
Linda Montano and Tehching Hsieh - audio interview about their year long performance tied together from Studio 360


Tim Miller - one of the famed NEA four

Patty Chang
-provacative performances for the camera
Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping - "revives activism by staging it in new places"

The Yes Men -perfecting the art of impersonation for good causes, they call it "Identity Correction", Yes Men Movie online!

Art and Artists - image based: movies, animation, net, software

Tony Oursler - video projection on objects, neurotic people speak
Jennifer and Kevin McCoy
Morgan O'Hara - her "live transmission" drawings translate live performances, activities, check out the video

ART & ARTISTS::::kinetic, robotic, sculptural, machines

Stephen Wilson's comprehensive page of links to artists using technology
Ken Rinaldo- fusing organic and technological cultures, see his links pages for more resources
Automata and Mechanical toys - GREAT how-to site, explanation of mechanisms is here
Fischli and Weiss- "The Way Things Go," beautiful chain reaction film
Jean Tinguely - orginator of the self destructing machine, video here, self-portrait as a machine,
Rebecca Horn - elegant kinetic sculptures using everyday objects: fluttering wings, recent work, hammering brick bldg,

Survival Research Laboratories - (SRL) SF based industrial grade mega machines
Arthur Ganson - beautifully designed constructions, a delight to watch!
Tim Hawkinson - GREAT VIDEOS! obsessive homemade machines on a monumental scale, check out the UBERORGAN
Sabrina Raaf - responsive sculpture, wearables, interactive devices

Fernando Orellana- playful machine art and other curious devices
Amy Youngs - biological art and interactive sculpture
Trimpin - inventive mechanical sound-based sculpture, documentary here
Joseph Kohnke - well-crafted anthropomorphic machines

Institute for Applied Autonomy


Third Coast International Audio Festival - festival from Chicago
This American Life - Great weekly themed radio
programs (STORY TELLING at its best) out of WBEZ-Chicago. Excellent!
Storycorps-Traveling audio booth that lets ordinary people record stories w/friends & family
This I Believe- radio series of people writing, sharing, and discussing the core values and beliefs that guide their daily lives
The Moth Radio Hour--there's one in Detroit! and Ann Arbor!
Transom--Showcase and workshop for new public radio produced by Jay Allison. Includes archive of audio programs and technical resources, discussion - Specializes in showcasing networked art and audio projects
New Radio and Performing Arts - experimental radio and sound arts --Full length works --check out and listen --
showplace for audio visual projects

Hearing Voices - Billed as a mini-museum of radio artistry.

109point3 - audio art, radio art, "transmission arts"

AUDIO ART/Sculpture/Instruments/
Trimpin - kinetic musical object maker extraordinaire, Documentary on him, Performance at UM w/Cello, Experience Music Project large guitar sculpture
David Byrne's "Playing the Building" 2008
Nina Katchedourian's Natural Car Alarms (on NPR), 2002-bird sounds replace car alarms

Christian Marclay - visual artist, composer, uses record players as instruments
Paul DeMarinis - electronic media artist/sound object installations, lecture here, other movies here
Christina Kubisch - reprogrammed a clocktower at Mass MOCA
Vegetable Orchestra
--exactly what it sounds like! Videos are great.
Sonic Memorial - Commemorating 9/11, tons of really great audio and interesting interfaces, check out Stephen Vitiello's audio recordings of the World Trade Center (search in Archive under "Vitiello"), Stephen Vitiello on Studio 360
Shawn Decker - audio installation
Ed Osborn - sound artist & sculptor
Ken Butler - hybrid stringed instruments made from household objects
Theremin -musical instrument that uses radio waves and a delicate hand, Clara Rockmore-master of the theremin, Samuel Hoffman plays
How to turn a bicycle into a record player - 2 people locked in a room make it happen

Avant Garde Music
Luigi Russolo and the Futurists' Manifesto "The Art of Noise" (1913)
Harry Partch - composer and custom instrument maker, BBC Documentary-shows his interest in visual objects
Harry Partch - Interesting site that allows you to "play" Harry Partch's instruments!
John Cage - avant garde composer, embraced chance music, "prepared pianos" and other non standard uses of musical instruments
4'33" - famous piece during which the performers are silent for 4'33"--the piece is all the OTHER sounds that occur during this time
Water Walk - Television performance using variety of objects, Speaking About Silence and Sound, Noise performance
Fluxus artists - combine everyday objects/music/performance: G. Brecht's Drip Music, Paik and Moorman's TV Bra Cello
Laurie Anderson - musician, performance artist, storyteller, documentary here on her NASA residency
Matthew Herbert: electronic musician, Manifesto here


Too Stupid to Be President -great parodies of tv media, presidential coverage
State of the Union speech1 - remixed
State of the Union speech 2 - remixed
Leader of the Free World? - fun interface

Bush debating himself? - video remix

Alphabetizing Bush speech - great! public call for work for anti-Bush, 30 second advertisements, check 'em out! humor/photoshopped images
"Time to Bomb Saddam"--Madblast's musical animation
Animations and cartoons about War in Iraq and Saddam Hussein - MATRIX redone by Free Range Graphics

Bush games - many flash examples

Bush Recall-another political animation

DIY - video remixes of Bush, et. al.

Bush State of Union - "during these last few months, I've been trained by AlQueda. I'm weak..."

Bush Background Generator


ART FESTIVALS, CONFERENCES --NOT UpDATED - all the information you could ever want for submitting work to festivals – digital film/video fest
Flash Forward - flash users conference in SF
ISEA - International Symposium on electronic art--2002
Siggraph- " promotes the generation and dissemination of information on computer graphics and
interactive techniques"
Ars Electronica-festival of electronic art, Linz, Austria
DEAF - Amsterdam's Dutch Electronic Arts Festival
eNarrative - in conjunction with Boston CyberArts

Lost Film Festival - accepts mostly shorts, they like work with a socio-political bent
Performa-New visual Art Performance festival in NYC, organized by Roselee Goldberg
TBA-"Time Based Arts" festival out of Portland, OR
Burning Man - every September

U OF M / AREA RESOURCES --not updated
Askwith Film/Video Library in Undergrad library, central U of M campus
Visual Resources Library - basement of the Media Union, has selection of videos you can check out or view there

Duderstadt Center - Reserve the V-Room for audio recording
Ann Arbor Film Festival - oldest experimental film festival in the country , every March, get involved, volunteer