D. Henry Dieterich

Ph.D. in History, University of Michigan

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"Church, Property, and Wife-Beating in Sixteenth-Century Liège: The Case of Catherine Woet de Trixhe", paper delivered at the Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, Toronto, Ontario, October 1998

"Liège in the Reformation: A City without Protestants?", paper delivered at the Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, St. Louis, Missouri, December 1993

  "Confraternities and Lay Leadership in Sixteenth-Century Liège", article published in Renaissance and Reformation (Toronto) v. 25 no. 1 (1989)

  "Blessed John Soreth and Liège: A Collection of Sermons from 1451", article published in Fifteenth Century Studies v. 11 (1985)

Teaching outlines:

Western Civilization to 1350

Western Civilization 1350-1815

 My dissertation: "Brotherhood and Community on the Eve of the Reformation: Confraternities and Parish Life in Liège, 1450-1540"

E-mail me: hdiet@umich.edu