Hanbo Sun

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Master Student,
Department of Statistics,
University of Michigan
West Hall 258, 1085 S University Ave,
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Phone: +1 (734) 881-0016
Email: hanbosun@umich.edu
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About Me

I received the B.S. degrees in Applied Mathematics from Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU), and I am currently study at the University of Michigan for MS in Applied Statistics. I am part of the Statistical Online Computing Resource (SOCR) lab, directed by Prof. Ivo Dinov, while at the same time, I maintain two research positions in the Department of Biostatistics, one under the supervision of Prof. Hyun-Min Kang and another under the supervision of Dr. Wen Ye.


My research interests include

  • Machine Learning

  • Computer Vision

  • Data Mining

  • High-dimensional Statistics

  • Statistical Genetics

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