Medical Resources

On this page you will find some medical applications I have written that may be of use for physicians, nurses, or even the general public.

Growth Charts: This is a Macintosh OS X application that can plot height, weight, head circumference and body mass index (BMI) for children from birth through age 20. It can also calculate and plot the predicted adult height if both parents' heights are entered. It works with both the metric and the American units of measure and can save the data to a file. This could be of use to both practitioners, parents, and chidren themselves.

Pediatric Drip Sheet Calculator: This is a pediatric drip sheet calculator I wrote for use on the web. If you are a physician or nurse taking care of a patient in a pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), then the calculator may be useful. Otherwise it is probably of no use to you. The calculator determines the dose of many drugs required in an emergency situation, which can often arise in the intensive care unit. Because children's weights vary so much, the doses depend on how much the child weights. In an emergency situation, the ability to do math in one's head may be somewhat reduced so the results of these calculations could come in handy. Ideally, they would be printed and taped to the patient's bedside so that the proper doses were readily available should an emergency arise.

Transplant Date Calculator: This is available as a web-based version and as a stand-alone Macintosh OS X application. It can calculate several parameters surrounding transplants. If the date of the transplant is known it can calculate the number of days since that time. Conversely, if the number of days since the transplant is known it can calculate the date on which it occured. If the only information available is fram a previous chart entry, the date of the transplant can be calculated if the chart has a record of the number of days since the transplant in addition to the date that the note in the chart was written. This was intended for use with stem cell transplants with oncology patients, but may have other applications as well.

Body Surface Area Tables: This is admittedly a very low-tech solution. These are two PDF files which contain tables of body surface area (BSA) calculations (in metric units) for heights of 70-200 cm and weights from 5-101 kg. It was intended to be printed out and placed back-to-back and then laminated so that it could be used as a quick reference for such values. This may be useful in treating oncology patients as well as burn victims.

On-Call Pediatric Moonlighting Helper: I made this for myself to help me when I need to answer calls about patients over the phone. It can quickly calculate a child's age based on his or her birth date, and will display it in days, months, or years depending on the age). It can also convert between pounds and kilograms. This may be useful to others who need to do similar activities.