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Scott Hamm
Instructional Learning Consultant
Hidden Evil

Creature Gallery
(with animations)

In order to learn Flash Action Script 2.0, I set myself the task of creating a fully functional turn-based, party-based fantasy role-playing game of a kind commonly produced in the late 80's. Upon starting this project, my knowledge of scripting consisted solely of the if/else statement.

My goals, explained in detail below, included: varied character classes, an inventory, an interactive map with doors and containers, multi-option combat including melee, ranged and spellcasting, and reactive enemy AI.

I've decided to leave this project at the demo stage. Play slowdown after exploring a few rooms, which if much more territory were added would make it unplayable, has convinced me that Flash isn't capable of handling the game as I've scripted it.

PLAY GAME - Flash Player required

The following features are included in the Hidden Evil combat demo:

Varied Character Classes
> 4 distinct character classes with weapon/equipment restrictions
> class-based skill options

> interactive inventory
> looting of containers
> multiple option player interaction with containers, ie. Pick Lock, Bash, Try Key, etc.
> random loot generation from tables
> automatic post-combat tallying of gold and experience

Interactive Map
> multiple display options, ie. toggling combat grid, spellbook, combat queue
player-defined shortcuts
> paper doll style inventory system with basic equipment (ie. armour, weapon, helmet, shield) graphically updating on character

Enemy AI
> pathfinding and obstacle avoidance
> multiple, prioritized behaviours, ie. archers who flee if approached, or switch to a melee weapon, spellcasters who cast Heal if allies are wounded, or an attack spell if not

> vectors based sprites with the following animations: rest, dodge, hit, attack, stunned, dead, and two different spellcasting when applicable
> randomized features, colours and weapons for some units. Bandits for instance have randomized hair colour, or no hair, random weapons, beards and the occasional eye patch.

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