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Instructional Learning Consultant
Mr.Codcheeks and the Haunted House

Mr. Codcheeks and the Haunted House is a non-violent point-and-click adventure game for young (6-8 yrs) children. The objective is to make one's way through a series of spooky rooms avoiding traps and solving a few very simple puzzles. The viewpoint is first person and fixed. The backgrounds are all 3D rendered still images navigated through a Flash interface.

I designed the game to further familiarize myself with interactive Flash applications in hopes of producing education oriented games down the road. I intend to incorporate the added functionality made possible by Flash Action Script into future applications.

Click here to play.

Mr. Codcheeks Around the World

After noticing a spike in visits to this webpage from all over the world including the Netherlands, South Korea and Japan, I Googled "Mr. Codcheeks" and discovered links to the game had appeared on free game sites in several countries. Mr.C&tHH also appears on several blogs.

Today I noticed links to the game from Brazil, Belgium and Russia as well.

This Japanese site features a message board discussing clues and one possible ending.

Above caption translated from Japanese:

However there is with for a child, it is the game which can be enjoyed even with the adult. Exploring the ghost residence, it probably will start helping Mr. Codcheeks of the fish which talks. Clue (hint) it is written on the here and there. It is necessary to decipher four codes we would like to see.

Lazylaces is an adventure game site which posted Mr.C&tHH in January '07. There are many comments on the game on the site, which I appreciate.

Let me know if you link to this page and you'll get a recipricolal link.

Other sites:

Point and Click Escape the Room Games (German) (Belgian)

Since being linked at Lazylaces, Mr. Codcheeks and the Haunted House is on track to eclipse Google as the most visited website on all the internets.

Thanks Lazylaces!

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