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Scott Hamm
Instructional Learning Consultant

3D Models
Michigan Stadium (complete model and environs)
Mastodon Skeleton (anatomically accurate replica of Natural History Museum exhibit)
Computer Game Environments
Ann Arbor Street (houses)
HandyScan3D (handheld laser scanner)
Pisidian Antioch (ancient Roman site)

Horace the Frog's Excruciating Journey (scenes from an unfinished short featuring a frog)
Dancing Vector Sprite Gallery (animated vector sprites for Flash game)
Vicon Motion Capture System
Football Player (avatar)
Fishbowl (animated short)
The Bee Movie (animated short)

Educational Applications
Faculty Spotlight: Brenda Gunderson (Economics: Professor Gunderson explains use of various technologies in her class)
Flash Relational Database (English [Technology and the Humanities]: example of a relational database using Flash ActionScript 3.0)
The Map Project (Economics: an interactive map detailing the voyages referenced by the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database)
Vector Poem (English Literature: get ready to freak out, poetry fans!)
Qwizdom Clicker Clinic (interactive training for students using Qwizdom's Student Response System)
The Gyre Project (Oceanography)
Cell Mitosis (Microbiology)

see Workshops section (self-guided workshops available for Adobe CS3 & CS4, in Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop)

Spelling Challenge! (Flash Player 10: keyboard letter entry game for very young children)
ISS Smackdown!!! (Flash: problem resolution training game)
Hidden Evil (Flash: fantasy strategy game)
Mr.Codcheeks and the Haunted House (Flash: point & click game for kids)

About Me
Pertinent details of my education, background, and software and hardware knowledge.

Resume and references available upon request.
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