Scott Hamm
Instructional Learning Consultant
Game Environments

Isometric Backgrounds

These isometric backgrounds were created for Keep on the Borderlands, a total conversion mod for Atari's Temple of Elemental Evil. The demo is currently scheduled for a January 29, 2008 release. [Official Game Media Forum]

I created every aspect of these scenes. Similar modeling and texturing techniques were used for Mr. Codcheeks and the Haunted House, a Flash adventure game for young children. Hidden Evil was a more ambitious project, wherein I created a working, party-based Flash RPG.

Click on images for larger resolution.

Keep Main Gate


Torture Chamber



in game screenshots below.


Priest's Quarters


3D Life Player    

This freely available web player allows you to view these Keep on the Borderland environments from first person perspective, with a movable camera.
Download 3D Life Player

A tip for camera navigation: to keep your orientation while moving upwards, it's easier to look at the ground and move backwards.

Please keep in mind that all environments were originally generated for isometric perspective and a much lower resoution than is available in 3D. Lighting is basic and without shadows, and particle effects, generated in game, are absent.

3D Church [4.4MB]

3D Graveyard / Fogless
[4.4MB ]

Keep on the Borderlands Wallpaper  
Graveyard: 1440x900 / 1280x960

Keep Fortress : 1440x900 / 1200x900

Watchtower: 1440x900 / 1200x900

Keep at Dawn: 1440x900/ 1280x1024

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