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Scott Hamm
Instructional Learning Consultant
About Me
Scott Hamm

My career in visualization began at the Vancouver Film School in Vancouver, Canada, where I trained in 3D modeling and animation, specializing in character animation.

I am currently employed full time by the University of Michigan. Having worked in 3D modeling, animation and visualization for 4 years in the UM3D Lab, I moved to Instructional Support Services in 2008, where I currently:

> help faculty integrate technology into courses, and support grant applications;
> create 2D and 3D graphical content for tutorials, support, and in-class use;
> create interactive applications using Flash and ActionScript 3.0;
> train students and faculty in a variety of programs, including: our open source online research, project and course management software, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash;
> consult with faculty on the best application of social networking software such as FaceBook;
> advise on prudent copyright practices and the possibilities and pitfalls of Open Education;
> evaluate the effectiveness of different technologies on classroom learning and pedagogy.

See Portfolio for many visual examples of my work for the University of Michigan. References available.

Software Knowledge
Among 3D software packages, I am most experienced in 3D Studio Max. Although I trained as a character animator, career projects have mostly included 3D models, static images and vector graphics.

Other imaging packages I frequently use include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash. I've created quite a few small Flash apps using ActionScript 2.0 and more recently ActionScript 3.0.

At Instructional Support Services, I've updated my knowledge of ArcGIS and Google Earth and learned a host of new educational applications as well, including database management software, and collaborative online research software CTools.

Most recently social networking tools like FaceBook and Twitter, and free online tools like GoogleSites have become popular avenues of inquiry. Blogs and Wikis have also become more and more common. The list goes on.

I also have an English background which serves me well when composing, reviewing and proofreading grant proposals and other documents.

Hardware Knowledge
My time at the UM3D Lab gave me the opportunity to work with several types of high tech equipment, listed below with links to detailed descriptions on their site.

GeoWall: An affordable stereoscopic projection system similar in function to the IMAX display.

CAVE: Cave Automatic Virtual Environment, a wraparound, fully immersive virutal reality box.

Handyscan 3D: State-of-the-art, handheld laser scanner.

Vicon Motion Capture System: A system to capture and process data from living subjects for use in scientific research or 3D animation.
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