Me, Alex, and Ginny after paintball my second year at Chicago. I don't remember why this is here, but I found it in my html folder, so OK.

A terribly-edited image of Ky Kiske as Santa Claus. (I actually do remember why I made this, but it's not funny enough to be worth explaining.)

Some kind of raptor in my parents' backyard in New Jersey. It's standing on a dead squirrel that it's eating.

Another shot of the raptor. Just what sort of bird is it? I dunno, I don't know birds.

A huge grasshopper I found on South University. This was at like 2 in the morning.

Another shot of the huge grasshopper.

A spider on North Campus.

The same spider, now hiding in the grass.

The duck is named Dererrer. He is visiting Chicago.

Bean tree! One of several on the Diag.

Blurry picture of what looks like a planthopper.

HUGE praying mantis I found in the atrium in East Hall! It's climbing a doorframe.

The mantis attempts to climb off of the doorframe onto the wall, but the wall is too slippery.

Still trying.


Almost there...

It didn't make it. Here's the praying mantis on the ground.


Trying to climb the wall directly now. It won't work any better this time.

Another picture of the mantis.

Trying to climb the garbage can.

Still trying to climb the garbage can.

More of the mantis.

It's... my foot? Why do I have this picture?

The mantis goes back to climbing the door frame.

Two-color bug. I don't know who "David Wo" is.

A moth.

Closeup on the moth.

Another huge grasshopper I found on South University! This one I got to climb on me.

Closer view of the grasshopper.

Grasshopper back on the ground.

Grasshopper on my fingers.

Grasshopper about to take flight. Observe how it exposes its underbelly. Pretty nice that I was able to get this shot.

A blurry bug.

I think this picture is self-explanatory.

Dererrer visits his brethren at Botany Pond.

This picture is supposed to be of the cat, but it's pretty hard to make out.

Ducklings in Botany Pond!

The squirrel stares at you.

Found on a grad student office in the math department.

"Hunter" graffiti.

A crane fly, I guess?

Cool-looking beetle.

Hebrew graffiti.

Dead bird in Massachusetts.

Blurry moth.

Same moth, blurrier.

Blurrier still.

Blurry bee.

Mantis crawling on a screen.

Mantis closer up.

A hawk perched on top of Truth House.

Unknown cat.

Unknown cat from behind.

Hawk perched on branch.

Clearer view of hawk perched on branch.

Tiny squirrel in parking lot. It's a bit hard to see.

Canadian geese with goslings.

Just the goslings.

More goslings.

They have such stubby wings, don't they?

A caterpillar on the sidewalk.

The same caterpillar.

The caterpillar captured.

The caterpillar on a stick.

The caterpillar attempts to escape the stick.

A bee on the sidewalk.

A caught dragonfly! That's not me holding it.

Another dragonfly. Still not me.

Kitchen window spider.

Chipmunk in the vacant lot.

Closer view of chipmunk.

Still closer...

This chipmunk is so fearless!

A hawk on a low branch!

Another view of the hawk.

Three owls!

Another shot of the owls.

More of the owls.

Still owls.

Definitely owls.

How owly.

Last picture of the owls.

Video: Video of the owls!

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