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Education * Kindergarten and Grades 1-2 1946-1949 (Kent School - which at the time was co-ed until the 3rd grade, when it became for girls only)
* Grade School (St. John's School, Denver) 1949-1952
* Castlewood Elementary School and Cherry Creek High School 1952-1960.
* Dartmouth College and Old and New Alumni page 1960-1964 (With Tom Landauer [ Obituary 2014;, Tom Tighe and William Smith; I went to McGill at the recommendation of Rogers Elliot, who had done a postdoc with Bob Malmo)
* Dartmouth Classes
* McGill University - Psychology Department - History 1964-1969 (With Robert Malmo)
* Pisa Italy 1969-1972 (With Giovanni Berlucchi [Effects of Strabismus on Visual Cortex] & Piergiorgio Strata [Visual Input to Cerebellum])
* National Hospital Queen Square 1972-1975 (With Elizabeth Warrington) -|- Picture of Hospital
Brook Hospital 1973-1975 (with Raymond Heirons, M.D.) * Parma Italy 1975-1978 (With Giacomo Rizzolatti)
* Montreal Neurological Institute 1978-1980 (With Brenda Milner)


* Van Wagenen Family
* Son Henry Blog (Dynamic Points)
* Daughter Emma
* Wife Margaret Evans
* My Blog Neurogus * My Twitter Account
* 14ers Lapel Pin for those who have climbed all 14,000+ ft. peaks in Colorado, from the
possessions of Henry A. Buchtel III (Denver physician, died in 1988 at
the age of 82 years). He was reportedly the 18th individual to climb
all the known peaks over 14,000 at the time (there were 46 in 1946; it is
now 53 or 54 [or 58 by some counts - this is a surprisingly
controversial subject] - See this page for some nice visuals and difficulty ratings).
Henry Buchtel was also known for having made many first ascents. One
of these was in Wyoming (Bridger Nat'l Park) known officially as
American Legion Peak (which was initially called Buchtel Peak, and it
is still known popularly by this name, but this was disalowed because
of a rule that mountains can not be named for living individuals*). See
http://www.peakbagger.com/peak.aspx?pid=5381 for a technical description and map.
*The U.S. Board on Geographic Names will consider proposals for
assignment of the names or nicknames of deceased persons to geographic
features in the United States and areas under the jurisdiction of the
United States. The Board will not consider names that commemorate or may
be construed to commemorate living persons. In addition, a person must be
deceased at least 5 years before a commemorative proposal will be
considered." from Policy III Commemorative Names. Board on Geographic
Names, 1981. PDF of document - another factoid: We were climbing Redcloud Peak
in the early 1950s and I remember distinctly when my father sighted across
his horizontal iceaxe and said, "Sunshine (then considered a 13,000+ peak
and therefore not worth climbing) looks pertty high to me. Let's climb it
too." And so we did. Several weeks later there was a new Geographic
survey and indeed, Sunshine was deemed 14,001. For at least one day my
father was quite likely one of the few people who had climbed ALL the
14,000 peaks in Colorado. The others who had the official 14s bagged
immediately headed to the San Juan Range to complete their bag. So
the distinction was probably very very short.
* Great-Grandfather's Support of Women's Suffrage (featured because the opposite
was suggested in an article by Tom Noel in 2003 issue of "Denver Decides")
Pardons during his administration

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Forrest Lawrence Buchtel (1899-1996)

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