Welcome to my research homepage. My previous research focused on applying multidisciplinary technologies to develop various systems for biological/chemical applications.

My research projects included:

1. Designed, modeled and fabricated integrated photonic crystal structures for ultrahigh throughput, label-free biomolecular detection, high resolution ultrasound imaging, and acoustic transducer arrays.

2. Designed, modeled and fabricated photonic crystal-metallic structures to construct:

(I) all-optical ultrasound transducer for high resolution ultrasound imaging

(II) nanostructed coverslip for single-molecule TIRFM or SERS   

3. Developed fiber/capillary-based optofluidic SERS and fluorescence platforms for robust, rapid, and sensitive detection


     Yunbo started a new law career in Fish & Richardson, P.C., where he is working as a Technology Specialist, Patent Agent in Austin office. Follow the link for more information: www.fr.com/yunbo-guo

     Yunbo prepared and filed his sixth patent application as pro-se inventor: "Integrated photonic crystal structures and applications" U. S. Provisional Patent Application serial No.: 61/699,042, and filing date: 09/10/2012

     Yunbo started to work as a research scientist in Omega Optics, Inc., Austin, TX.

     Yunbo gave an invited talk titled "Novel Optical Structures for biomedical applications" in Biomedical Engineering Department
, Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, MI.