Civil Rights
Exhibit for the University of Michigan Graduate Library, December 2005

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The woman suffrage amendment was introduced in 1878 and went unchanged until 1919. It was ratified by the states as the 19th Amendment in 1920. The Serial Set includes a compilation of hearings from 1880, 1884, and 1912. Reports and Hearings on Women Suffrage: Document 6365 (62nd Congress, 3rd Session, Senate Document 1035)

Some of these reports have also been digitized by the Library of Congress.

The National Anti-Suffrage Association requested Paul Dillingham, who chaired the Immigration Commission, to introduce its report against suffrage. Argument Against Woman Suffrage: Document 6952 (64th Congress, 1st session, Senate Document 408).

The Equal Rights Amendment was introduced into every Congress between 1923 and 1972, when it finally passed Congress. However, by 1982 only 35 or the necessary 38 states had ratified it. Document 12971-1 (92nd Congress, 2nd Session, Senate Report 92-689).

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