Social Conditions
Exhibit for the University of Michigan Graduate Library, December 2005

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The 1890 Census included numerous personal questions about physical health, mental health, and poverty. The volume entitled Crime, Pauperism and Benevolence provides data on residents in almshouses by sex, race, and reasons for admission, including tramps, the elderly, and syphilitic. Document 3029 (52nd Congress, 1st Session, House Miscellaneous Document 340/22)
The 1880 Decennial Census published unique histories of large cities in the United States. Detroit was considered a Western city at the time. Its description back to August 11, 1669 and include 1880 estimates of street and alley mileage, gallons of water pumped, city parks, and internment in cemeteries. : Reprint of Social Statistics of Cities, v. 2, 1880 Census. Document 2149, 47th Congress, 1st Session, House Miscellaneous Document 42/21)

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