Administrative Notes: Newsletter of the FDLP

Vol. 25, no. 12-13 GP 3.16/3-2:25/12-13 November 15/December 15, 2004

Federal Depository Library of the Year Award Documents

Transcript of U.S. Senator Gordon Smith's congratulatory video to the Lenn and Dixie Hannon Library for receiving the 2004 Federal Depository Library of the Year Award from the Government Printing Office

[U.S. Senator Gordon Smith speaking to the camera from his office]

I'm Senator Gordon Smith and I'm happy to congratulate the staff of the Lenn and Dixie Hannon Library at the Southern Oregon University on its receipt of the Federal Depository Library of the Year award. The GPO selected the Hannon Library for this award because it exemplifies one of the most vital trends in Government, the need to make Government Information fully available through the use of digital media. The Southern Oregon digital archive is a valuable collection, and without the efforts of the Hannon Library it may not be available for the scholars and the general public. In addition to modernizing its collection, the Library staff is also making every effort to preserve its historic collection of printed Government documents so that future generations can use the original materials as well as have access to the digital versions. The commitment to the traditional values of public service through comprehensive research training, promotion of the Government Depository and the digital archive, and cooperative efforts with other Oregon libraries ensures that the public can use these wonderful resources to the maximum. So on behalf of the people of Oregon, and the United States Senate, I congratulate the Hannon Library on being the Federal Depository Library of the Year, and I commend the GPO for acknowledging the work of the Library and its dedicated staff.

Congratulatory Letter from Oregon U.S. Senator Ron Wyden

September 30, 2004

Hannon Library
1250 Siskiyou Blvd.
Ashland, OR 97520-5010

Dear Friends:

Congratulations on being named the Federal Depository Library of the Year by the Federal Depository Library Program. This is a prestigious honor that dates back to Thomas Jefferson and you must be very proud. Southern Oregon University has greatly benefited from Hannon Library's achievements. Achievements such as the Digital Archives project, classes teaching use of the Government documents to undergraduates, and the relocation of the Government Documents collection to the main floor. These accomplishments help ensure that students, and the community, have the accessibility and the knowledge to use Hannon Library's vast resources. Congratulations again on your remarkable achievement. Libraries are the cornerstones of communities and I am so happy that this one is in such good hands. Best wishes for your continued success.


United States Senator

Congratulatory Letter from Theodore R. Kulongoski, Governor of Oregon

October 15, 2004

Elisabeth Zinser
Southern Oregon University
1250 Siskiyou Boulevard
Ashland, OR 97520

Dear President Zinser:

Being selected from over 1,200 libraries nationwide as the 2004 Federal Depository Library of the Year by the United States Government Printing Office (USGPO) is truly a grand honor. Congratulations to you and all of your staff involved in making the Lenn and Dixie Hannon Library at Southern Oregon University such a recognized national leader in providing access to government information.

The passion and productivity of the SOU library is demonstrated by several of its outstanding initiatives that garnered the attention of the USGPO. Among the SOU Library's innovative strategies were: the Digital Archives project; teaching classes on the use of governmental materials; and making government documents more readily available to the public.

Through this award for its library, Southern Oregon University has again shown that it is not only an outstanding regional educational institution, but also a recognized national leader in serving its students, its communities, and the state. On behalf of a grateful state, please accept my congratulations and best wishes as you rightfully celebrate this prestigious award to the Lenn and Dixie Hannon Library at SOU.


Theodore R. Kulongoski

Letter from Elisabeth Zinser, President of Southern Oregon University,
to Bruce James, Public Printer

October 14, 2004

The Honorable Bruce James
Public Printer of the United States
U. S. Government Printing Office
732 N. Capitol Street NW
Washington, DC 20401

Dear Mr. James:

It is a great honor to Southern Oregon University and the Lenn and Dixie Hannon Library to be awarded the Federal Depository Library of the Year Award from the United States Government Printing Office. We are immensely grateful to you for this honor. It is a perfect capstone on the achievements of our digitalization project and a wonderful launching pad for our "Library of the Year" program for 2005 as we complete the magnificent renovation and expansion of our Library.

Southern Oregon University benefits greatly by the partnership our Library has developed with your Agency. You are a partner in making government documents available for citizen understanding, business development, scholarly work, and student learning.

Thank you very much for your deep and enduring contributions to our Library's programs and to the University as a whole. I wish very much that I could be there for the award ceremony, but am sure that Senator Lenn Hannon, Professor Deborah Hollens, and distinguished SOU alumni from the beltway community will represent us well.

With deep respect and gratitude,

Elisabeth Zinser