Administrative Notes: Newsletter of the FDLP

Vol. 25, no. 12-13 GP 3.16/3-2:25/12-13 November 15/December 15, 2004

Needs & Offers List's Bill Gordon Moves On Brian Baier Becomes New Editor

Bill Gordon has notified GPO that he has new duties at the University of North Dakota and will no longer serve as editor of the National Needs and Offers List. Superintendent of Documents Judy Russell has thanked him on behalf of the Federal Depository Library Program for his innovative work with the list since 2001. Mr. Gordon made many enhancements to the online list, creating user-friendly forms and an alert system. His efforts have been highly effective and valuable to depository libraries nationwide and have helped make U.S. government information available to the public.

The Needs and Offers List is a tool used by depository librarians for collection development purposes, in which selective depositories seeking to dispose of publications withdrawn from their collections may place publications with other depositories. It may be accessed at

The University of North Dakota will maintain the list until July 2005 under the direction of the new editor, Brian Baier. He may be reached at: GPO is examining its resources for maintaining the list in-house after July 2005.