Administrative Notes: Newsletter of the FDLP

Vol. 25, no. 10 GP 3.16/3 - 2:25/10 September 15, 2004

History of House Speakership To Be Distributed To All Libraries

House Document 108-204, “Changing Nature of the Speakership: Cannon Centennial Conference” is in production, and because it is considered to be of historical interest, it will be distributed to all libraries in paper, under item number 1004-E. It will be a 152 page, 7.4 x 10.4, case bound document.

A Serial Set number will be assigned after publication. Libraries will receive an adhesive strip with the serial number to be added to the volume at a later date.

This document is a result of a conference sponsored by the Congressional Research Service on the House Speakership in modern times.