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Newsletter of the Federal Depository Library Program

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March 15, 2004

GP 3.16/3-2:25/04
(Vol. 25, no. 04)

Alfred Pino To Head the Office of
Product Storage and Distribution

Alfred Pino has been selected to head the Office of Product Storage and Distribution for the U.S. Government Printing Office, Information Dissemination (Superintendent of Documents), Collections Management Service. Mr. Pino is superbly qualified for this position, having served since 1991 as Supervisory Facility Manager for the Public Documents Distribution Center in Pueblo, Colorado. The Center currently provides the General Services Administration's Federal Citizen Information Center with efficient and effective automated order processing. Mr. Pino was instrumental in effecting many improvements in order fulfillment and inventory control through the use of modern technologies. In his new position, Mr. Pino will be responsible for developing state-of-the-art storage and distribution functions for the Federal Depository Library Program, Sales, the International Exchange Service, and reimbursable work for the Federal Citizen Information Center and other Federal agencies.

Prior to working for GPO, Mr. Pino was with the U.S. Army, most recently as Supervisory General Supply Officer, Pueblo Army Depot Activity. He served in many posts in various assignments, including Research and Development Coordinator for the U.S. Army Chemical Research and Development Command in Aberdeen MD, Supervisory Distribution Facilities Specialist (Division Chief) Ft. Wingate Army Depot Activity, in Gallup, NM, and Supervisory Ammunition Supply Officer (Division Chief), Pueblo Army Depot.

Mr. Pino has a B.S. from Oklahoma Panhandle State University. He lives in Pueblo with his wife and two daughters.