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May 15, 2003

GP 3.16/3-2:24/06
(Vol. 24, no. 06)

Readers Exchange

Advocacy for Rookies: A Selective Bibliography

Prepared by

Erhard Konerding
Documents Librarian
Wesleyan University Library
Middletown, CT

Jill A. Moriearty, Chair
ALA GODORT Membership Committee
Marriott Library
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

[Presented at the 2002 ALA Annual Meeting in Atlanta]

Most of the resources below are not aimed directly at government documents librarians. Making use of them will require looking at the techniques offered and comparing those to the concerns in your department/library. No one technique works for everyone.


This page includes, among other materials, links to the following sites:

  • Government Documents Round Table Legislation Committee


Print Resources:

1. "Actions pave the way to advocacy for librarians as well as libraries."
Kniffel, Leonard. American Libraries v. 33 no3 (Mar. 2002) p. 77-80

2. "Before you visit your legislator review some tips from the advocacy gurus."
Justis, Janet L. Virginia Libraries v. 47 no3 (July/Aug./Sept. 2001) p. 9-13

3. "Advocacy ABCs for trustees."
Miller, Ellen G. - American Libraries v. 32 no8 (Sept. 2001) p. 56-9

4. "Advocacy: how does it differ from public relations and marketing?."
Cavill, Patricia. Feliciter v. 47 no2 (2001) p. 90-3

5. "Putting the ad in advocacy."
Flagg, Gordon. American Libraries v. 31 no6 (June/July 2000) p. 56

6. "Advocacy 101 for academic librarians: tips to help your institution prosper."
Kirchner, Terry L. College & Research Libraries News v. 60 no10 (Nov. 1999) p. 844-6+