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May 15, 2003

GP 3.16/3-2:24/06
(Vol. 24, no. 06)

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Accelerated Shipping of Federal Register, CR, CFR Announced

Federal Register issues from April 18-30, 2003 were sent to depository libraries on Shipping List 2003-0182-P, dated May 1, 2003. This is the beginning of a change in procedures to ensure more timely receipt of the Federal Register, Congressional Record, and the Code of Federal Regulations products. Beginning with the May 1, 2003 issues, these products will be placed on shipping lists and shipped on the same day they are received in LPS.

If you have any questions about this change in procedure, please contact James Mauldin <>, Chief, Depository Distribution Division, at (202) 512-1014, or Cornelius Greene <>, Chief, Depository Processing Branch at (202) 512-1007.