Administrative Notes Technical Supplement: February 28, 2001

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February 28, 2001
GP 3.16/3-3:8/02
(vol. 8, no. 02)

PURL Finding Made Easy

In response to a Depository Library Council recommendation to publish the URL for the GPO PURL Server Search page in each issue of the Technical Supplement, LPS is adding the following notice at the end of each issue:

Entries listed in this publication with URLs may have associated PURLs. To find a PURL, use the PURL Search Form at:

A link to the PURL server was created for the online version of Administrative Notes Technical Supplement, beginning with the January 31, 2001 issue (v. 8, #1). Additionally, a PURL search box has been added to the WEBTECH Notes search screen on the FDLP Desktop. This will enable users to quickly identify GPO assigned PURLs for new online resources that have been added to the Federal Depository Library Program Electronic Collection (FDLP/EC).