Chipper Charles York
Adopted March 1, 2008

Chipper Charles York is a doll. He is a gray and white tabby adopted from the Human Society of Huron Valley on March 1, 2008. I will always be grateful to Debbie Phillips and Cindy Fischer for helping me find such a sweetheart.

The Humane Society guess him at three years old, the veterinarian at two years old, and his Mom at 2-1/2. So his new birthday is August 14, 2005.

He's a 10-pounder who loves to play turboball, look out the window, and cuddle with his human.

Chipper's Official Portrait on March 1, 2008
Playing Turboball
Cudding with Aunt Cindy
Exhausted After a Busy Day

Chipper's Turboball Prowess
in Windows Media (wmv format)

Last updated on March 9, 2008