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Grace York
Emergency Web Page

My life is always in a state of emergency, whether it's panty hose falling off under a choir robe or losing a dental crown on the flight to Honolulu or misplacing my gloves on a day with a -5 degree windchill.

This time I lost my web page. Until it miraculously returns from outer space, here are just a few links.

University of Michigan Documents Center
Magnum opus of my career

Charity's Presidential Campaign, 1996
She has since retired from politics due to her catnip penchant

Ann Arbor Senior Activities

Chipper's Adoption, 2008
I am now a soccer Mom

Chipper and Cindy Sue's Wedding
Getting to Know You

Family Thanksgiving and Christmas 2012

Jo York's 92nd Birthday Party, 2013

Toilets of the World Calendar for 2004
Magnum opus of my entire life

Federal Depository Temporary Tattoo Template
To be used with temporary tattoo paper so librarians will look 21st Century

Bolivia, Peru and Machu Picchu: 2013

Grace's Expedition to Israel and Egypt: 2010

Grace's Expedition to Antarctica: 2009

Government by Grace

Library Projects in the Works

Curriculum Vitae Just an opus and closus