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Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Email: gowtham.bellala@gmail.com
Phone: (734) 883-5877

Curriculum Vitae: pdf (June 2011)

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About Me

I recently completed my Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I will be joining the Sustainable Innovations Research Group at HP labs in Palo Alto, CA. Previously, I completed my Masters in EECS at University of Michigan in 2008, and my undergraduate degree (B.Tech.) in Electrical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras in May 2006.


My primary research interests are in the area of Machine Learning, Pattern recognition and Statistical Signal Processing. I was working on the problem of Active Diagnosis/Active learning under the guidance of Dr. Clayton Scott and Dr. Suresh Bhavnani. Click here for a brief description of some of my research projects.



  1. G. Bellala, "Information and Decision Theoretic Approaches to Problems in Active Diagnosis," Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Michigan, Dec 2011. [pdf]

Journal Papers

  1. G. Bellala, S. K. Bhavnani and C. Scott, "Group-based Active Query Selection for rapid diagnosis in time-critical applications," accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory. [pdf]
  2. S. K. Bhavnani, S. Victor, W. J. Calhoun, W. W. Busse, E. Bleecker, M. Castro, H. Ju, R. Pillai, N. Oezguen, G. Bellala, A. R. Brasier, "How Cytokines co-occur across Asthma Patients: From Bipartite Network Analysis to a Molecular-based Classification," Journal of Biomedical Informatics, 44, S24-S30, 2011. [pdf]
  3. S. K. Bhavnani, G. Arunkumaar, T. Hall, E. Maslowski, F. Eichinger, S. Martini, P. Saxman, G. Bellala, and M. Kretzler, " Discovering Hidden Relationships between Renal Diseases and Regulated Genes through 3D Network Visualizations," BMC Research Notes, 3:296, 2010. [pdf]
  4. S. K. Bhavnani, G. Bellala, A. Ganesan, R. Krishnan, P. Saxman, C. Scott, M. Silveira and C. Given, "The Nested Structure of Cancer Symptoms: Implications for Analyzing Co-occurrence and Managing Symptoms," Methods of Information in Medicine, 49(6), 581 ‐ 591, 2010. [pdf]
  5. C. Scott, G. Bellala and R. Willett, "The false discovery rate for statistical pattern recognition," Electronic Journal of Statistics, Vol. 3, 651 ‐ 677, 2009. [pdf]

Conference Papers

  1. S. K. Bhavnani, G. Bellala, S. Victor, M. Abbas, V. McMicken, J. Tupa, and S. Visweswaran, "The Role of Complimentary Bipartite Visual Analytic Representations in the Analysis of SNPs: A Case Study in Ancestral Informative Markers," to appear at AMIA, 2011.
  2. G. Bellala, M. Marwah, M. Arlitt, G. Lyon, and C. E. Bash, "Towards an Understanding of Campus-scale Power Consumption, " to appear at ACM Workshop on Embedded Sensing Systems for Energy-Efficiency in Buildings (BuildSys 2011). [pdf]
  3. G. Bellala, J. Stanley, C. Scott and S. K. Bhavnani, "Active Diagnosis via AUC Maximization: An Efficient Approach for Multiple-Fault Identification in Large Scale, Noisy Networks, " to appear at Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI 2011). [pdf, Supplemental]
  4. G. Bellala, S. K. Bhavnani and C. Scott, "Active Diagnosis under Persistent Noise with Unknown Noise Distribution: A Rank-based Approach," Proceedings of Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS 2011). [pdf, Supplemental]
  5. G. Bellala, S. K. Bhavnani and C. Scott, "Extensions of Generalized Binary Search to Group Identification and Exponential costs," Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 23 (NIPS 2010). [pdf, Supplemental]
  6. S. K. Bhavnani, G. Bellala, A. Ganesan, R. Krishnan, P. Saxman, C. Scott, M. Silveira and C. Given, "Network Analysis of Cancer Patients and Symptoms: Implications for Symptom Management and Treatment," Proceedings of American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), 2009. [pdf]
  7. C. Scott, G. Bellala and R. Willett, "Generalization error analysis for FDR controlled classification," IEEE Workshop on Statistical Signal Processing (SSP), 792 ‐ 796, Madison, WI, August 2007. [pdf]

Technical Reports

  1. G. Bellala, and C. Scott, "Modified Group Generalized Binary Search with Near-Optimal Performance Guarantees," Tech. Rep, Dec 2010. [pdf]
  2. G. Bellala, S. K. Bhavnani and C. Scott, "Query learning with Exponential Query costs," Tech. Rep, Feb 2010. [pdf]
  3. G. Bellala, S. K. Bhavnani and C. Scott, "Group-based Query Learning for rapid diagnosis in time-critical situations," Tech. Rep, Nov 2009. [pdf]


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