GLG Members' Top Ten Game Lists

These are the current submitted top ten game lists of the individual GLG members plus honorable mentions.  The lists are updated when shiny new games make it necessary. The lists do not reflect an exact order.


Greg Nichols' Top 10 Board and Card Games

Avalon Hill's We The People
Avalon Hill's Kremlin
Mayfair's Detroit-Cleveland Grand Prix
Mayfair's The Settlers of Catan Card Game
Avalon Hill's Dune
Adlung Spiel's Verrater
GMT's Battle Line
Avalon Hill's Enemy in Sight
QED's Blue vs. Gray
Columbia's Napoleon

Honorable Mentions: Columbia's Eagles series, Columbia's Dixie series, Avalon Hill's Air Baron and War at Sea.

Greg Nichols' Top 10 PC and Console Games

Microprose's Civilization I and II (PC)
Firaxis' Sid Meier's Gettysburg! (PC)
Access' Links LS series (PC)
Sierra's Front Page Sports: Football Pro '97 (PC)
Sega's Virtua Tennis (DC)
Microprose's Rollarcoaster Tycoon (PC)
Sierra's Front Page Sports: Baseball Pro '98 (PC)
Talonsoft's Age of Sail (PC)
Sony's Gran Turismo 2 (PSX)
Sega's NFL2k1 (DC)

Honorable Mentions: Sierra's Hoyle Poker (PC), Avalon Hill's 1830 (PC), Microsoft's Age of Empires (PC)

Dave Richtmyer's' Top 10 Board and Card Games

Avalon Hill's Up Front
Avalon Hill's We the People system (incl. Paths of Glory)
Avalon Hill's Dune
Victory Games' Ambush! system
Avalon Hill's Kremlin
Avalon Hill's Raid on St. Nazaire
Victory Games' Across 5 Aprils
Avalon Hill's Enemy in Sight
Rio Grande's Princes of Florence
Avalon Hill's Platoon

Honorable Mentions: West End's RAF

Dave Richtmyer's Top 10 PC Games

Aces of the Deep
European Air War
Heroes of Might and Magic III
Combat Mission
Over the Reich/Achtung Spitfire
Baulder's Gate
X-Com Apocalypse
The Last Express

Honorable Mentions:

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