Tank Commander by Moments in History
Frequently Asked Questions Sheet
Errata, Clarifications and more for
Tank Commander: The Eastern Front Edition
as of July 17, 1996

1. All rules booklets purchased at Origins have wrong values for vehicles 
   and AT-Guns on page 6 and 7. Instead of speaking of the Armor 
   Penetration value, the top values on the right side of the cards 
   should be:

   Armor Protection, frontal (left)/side rear (right).
   All TC decks shipped after Origins have this point corrected.

2. Page 8 of the rulesbooklet, 2.1.5 Equipment card: the value on the 
   right side is for Armor Penetration, not for Short Range. Moreover, the 
   Armor Penetration Value should really be on the left side, lower row.

3. Why canīt I increase the number of ranks in play beyond two?

   If you like, you can do anything with this game. We chose the number 
   of ranks according to the standard size of a table. However, feel free
   to increase the number of ranks.  TC is so simple and flexible that you
   can add almost any number of optional rules...

4. Page 22 - a squad or squadron may carry only one equipment card of the
   same type.

5. Pages 24/25 - it is allowed to fire diagonically.

6. Page 31 - terrain only modifies the fire into it, never out of it.

7. Page 35 - If the attacker wants to move out of a melee, he has to 
   move back to the position he came from.

8. Page 37: Swamp is another terrain type which may be placed after the 
   start of a scenario.

9. Scenarios: the build points you get are for your starting forces 
   (including cards in your reserves). You may get more cards during a 
   scenario unless the scenario instructions forbid this.

10. Panzerfaust, Panzerschreck & Soviet AT-Rifle cards: the Armor 
    Penetration numbers should really be on the left side, lower row 
    and a "0" on the right side, top row.

11. 37mm PTP obr.30: the "1" on the right side, top row should be in 
    the lower row, right position. A "0" should be in the top row.

12. Stuka & Sturmovik Air Strike: Both cards should say "Instant".

13. All cards with mistakes and wrong pictures will be reprinted with 
    the next edition and send out for free to people asking for them.

14. When will the next expansion be available?

    Right now we are targeting for a December '96 release date for Tank 
    Commander: North Africa.

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