GLG Varient for 3-Player Ivanhoe

We've played GMT's Ivanhoe many times and at first, we never were able to hit the 20-60 minute game time stated in the rules. So after a little playtesting, we developed the following changes.  With this varient, most 3-player games can be completed inside 45 minutes and additionally, there's a bit more strategy added to the mix.

A. No tournaments of the same type (or color) may be called back-to-back.

(Comment: Removes the "stalling tactic" to fish for correct cards and exposes player to possible tournament type/color weakness.)

B. Remove the following cards from the deck:

3 Change Colors (Unhorse, Change Weapon, and Drop Weapon)
2 Ripostes
1 Knockdown

(Comment: This lowers the Action cards from 20 to 14. The Change Colors cards can really lengthen game play if played at the appropriate time and they aren't truly in keeping with the spirit of a Tournament. The removal of the other 3 cards makes all the remaining cards unique which is easier for card counting and developing strategy.)

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Page Last Updated: 4/10/03