Ironman Football: Single Season System and Playoff Structure

adapted by Greg Nichols and David Richtmyer

All basic Ironman Football rules are in effect except where they conflict
with these rules.

Regular Season Victory Points:

1vp - for a winning season
1vp - for claim to the league title  
1vp - for most money during season

Regular Season Rules:

a)All games use the Quick Play Method as developed by CWJ.

b)Quick Play CRT modified in injuries area.
   *2d6 roll of 9-10 = 1 injury; 11-12 = 2 injuries
   *Die roll modified by +1 for rain; +3 for mud/snow
   *Roll 1d6 for injured player.  Player is out for that number of 
    games (unpaid and franchise retains him).

c)No public support cards allowed. 

d)Special Teams differential is modified.
   *Point differential is divided by 2 and rounded down.

Post-Season Victory Points:

3vp - Winning Championship
2vp - Runnerup
1vp - Consolation game victor

2vp - Most money at end of post-season

Post-Season Rules:

a)All games during post-season are played out(as opposed to the Quick 
  Play Method used during the season).

b)Financial arrangement: Stadium costs as per regular season(15% or 20%).
  50-50 attendance splits and visitor pays his own travel costs. A +3 die
  roll modifier will be added to all attendance rolls throughout the 
  playoffs while weather and team season records are not used as 
  post-season attendance modifiers.

c)Team with the best "season" record gets home field advantage.  There 
  are no ties.  Sudden death quarters will be played with the home team
  offense playing first.  First team to score in sudden death wins.  

d)Playoff structure semi-finals: 4th at 1st / 3rd at 2nd 
   *Semi-final winners play in the Championship game
   *Semi-final losers play in a Consolation game

e)If two teams tie in most victory points at the end of the post-season,
  a Grand Championship Game will be played with all post-season rules
  in effect. The winner gains 1vp and of course, the admiration of all.

  If more than two teams tie in most victory points at the end of the 
  post-season, then the tie breaker is the franchise with the largest 
  final bankroll.

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