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Jeff Hansen: He's originally from Lapeer, MI (that's in the thumb for you out-of-state folks) and lives in Ann Arbor. If you go to his web page, you'll discover some of his passions: planes, photography, and collectible cards (Highlander, Star Trek, Star Wars, and X-Files). He will be forever feared in the game of Kremlin as "the Assassin."

Greg Nichols: He grew up in the Detroit suburbs (Westland) and lives in Ann Arbor. He's one of the original members of the group. He created and maintains the GLG web site. He likes to design playaids and maybe one day his own game (probably Sports or Railroad related). Some of his favorite gaming: Sports games (of course), Euro strategy games, Railroad-themed games and "lite" wargames (ACW, AmRev, and Sci-Fi themes in particular).

Jeff Petraska: The newest member of the GLG lives in the village of Waltz, MI which is in southern Wayne County. Jeff has been an active gamer going way back (confessed to playing D&D while in college) and is both an active boardgamer and computer gamer. He attends some of the local game cons and gets down to Columbus, OH for Origins when he's able. He's been mainly a wargamer but has recently branched out into Euro strategy games and introduced Puerto Rico to a GLG weekend gathering.

David Richtmyer: He was born in Hornell, NY and now lives in Brookline, MA. He's another one of the original GLG members. In particular, Dave loves American Civil Wargames and Air Combat games. He plays a lot of computer games as well as boardgames and has dabbled in some online play. He's also an "official" boardgame designer/developer(Summer Storm).

Emeritus Members:

Brian Dunn, Steve Tuck, Martin Knott, Kevin Butterfield, Paul Heilporn, and Anthony Davis.

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