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What games have buzz? New, old, or continuing buzz. These games aren't owned by current GLG members and all are possible for weekend play. Check them out by clicking on the individual BoardgameGeek links. Currency can be saved by buying them via mailorder from places like Funagain Games, Boulder Games, Fair Play Games, or

Blue Moon City by Rio Grande Games (2006), [@$32], 2-4p, 60 min, gamelink

Caribbean by Rio Grande Games (2005), [@$20], 2-4p, 30 min, gamelink

Carolus Magnus by Rio Grande (2000), [@$25], 2-4p, 60 min, gamelink

Citadels by Fantasy Flight (2000), [@$15], 2-7p, 60 min, gamelink

Domaine by Mayfair Games (2003 ed.), [@$40], 2-4p, 90 min, gamelink

Elfenland by Rio Grande (1998), [@$30], 2-6p, 60 min, gamelink

Euphrat & Tigris by Mayfair Games (1997), [@$35], 2-4p, 90 min, gamelink

LIBERTE! by Warfrog (2001), [@$20], 3-6p, 2 hours, gamelink

Mission: Red Planet by Asmodee Editions (2005), [@$30], 3-5p, 60-90 mins, gamelink

Modern Art by Mayfair Games (1992), [@$20], 3-5p, 60 min, gamelink

San Marco by Ravensburger USA (2001), [@30], 3-4p, 90 min, gamelink

Settlers of Catan by Mayfair Games (1995), [@$35], 3-4p, 90 min, gamelink

Shadows over Camalot by Days of Wonder (2005), [@$32], 3-7p, 90 min, gamelink

Struggle of Empires by Warfrog (2004), [@$39], 2-7p, 3-4 hours, gamelink

Torres (English language edition) by Rio Grande (1999), [@$28], 2-4p, 60 min, gamelink

Vinci: The Rise and Fall of Civilizations (2nd ed.) by Eurogames Descartes (1999), [@$25], 3-6p, 3 hours, gamelink

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