Geoffrey M. Lorenz

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science at the University of Michigan.  My research focuses on the impact of lobbying on the policy process in the United States.  My dissertation develops a cost-benefit model of committee agenda-setting in Congress that shows how committee leaders’ incentives generate opportunities for interest groups as well as backbencher legislators to affect the Congressional agenda.

Prior to coming to Michigan, I was government affairs assistant for well-respected lobbyist Robert Kamm at the Texas state legislature, in Austin.  In that capacity, I developed legislation and advocated on a variety of issues, including mental healthcare access and appropriations, criminal justice, energy, healthcare provision and insurance, and driver’s education.  I received a B.A. from Duke University in 2006 and an M.A. from Stanford University in 2008.


Twitter: @GeoffLorenz

University of Michigan

Department of Political Science