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A Monument under Lock and Key: Germany's Colonial Lieux de memoire 2009
Detroit: A Tale of Two Crises 2009
Ideas in Exile: Refugees from Nazi Germany and the Failure to Transplant Historical Sociology into the United States 2009
Feldtheorie, der deutsche Kolonialstaat und der deutsche ethnographische Diskurs, 1880-1920 2009 2009
Bourdieu, Historicity, and Historical Sociology. Cultural Sociology, vol. 11, issue 1, 2011 2009
Qingdao as a Colony 2009 2009
The Colonial State as a Social Field. American Sociological Review, August 2008 2008
Harrowed landscapes: white ruingazers in Namibia and Detroit and the cultivation of memory. Visual Studies 23:3 (2008 2008
La sociologie historique en Allemagne et aux Etats-Unis: un transfert manqué (1930-1970) 2008
Trsnsdisciplinarity as a non-imperial encounter (Thesis Eleven) 2007
American Sociology before and after World War Two: The (Temporary) Settling of a Disciplinary Field.” In Craig Calhoun (Editor), Sociology in America. The ASA Centennial History 2007
Bourdieu's disavowal of Lacan: Psychoanalytic theory and the concepts of habitus and symbolic capital 2006
The Relations between Sociology and History in the United States: The Current State of Affairs 2007
Drive-By Shooting: Making a Documentary about Detroit 2006
Decolonizing German Theory: An Introduction 2006
The Genealogy of a Positivist Haunting: Comparing Prewar and Postwar U.S. Sociology 2005
Return to Empire: The New U.S. Imperialism in Theoretical and Historical Perspective 2005
Scientific Authority and the Transition to Post-Fordism: The Plausibility of Positivism in American Sociology since 1945. Chapter Six in George Steinmetz (ed.), The Politics of Method in the Human Sciences: Positivism and its Epistemological Others 2005
American Sociology's Epistemological Unconscious and the Transition to Post-Fordism: the case of Historical Sociology. In Julia Adams, Elisabeth Clemens, and Ann Orloff, eds., Remaking Modernity: Politics, Processes and History in Sociology 2005
The Visual Archive of Colonialism: Germany and Namibia. With Julia Hell. 2005
Introduction to The Politics of Method in the Human Sciences 2005
The Cultural Contradictions of Irving Louis Horowitz 2005
Von der Eingeborenenpolitik zur Vernichtungsstrategie Deutsch-Südwestafrika, 1904 2005
L'ecriture du diable. Discours precolonial, posture ethnographique et tensions dans l'administration coloniale allemande des Samoa 2004
The Uncontrollable Afterlives of Ethnography: Lessons from German Salvage Colonialism for a New Age of Empire 2004
Odious comparisons 2004
The State of Emergency and the New American Imperialism: Toward an Authoritarian Post-Fordism 2003
The Devil's Handwriting 2003
Sociology in an Era of Fragmentation: Alvin Gouldner's Coming Crisis of Western Sociology after 30 Years (with Ou Byung Chae) 2002
Precoloniality and Colonial Subjectivity: Ethnographic Discourse and Native Policy in German Overseas Imperialism, 1780s-1914 2002
review of Hans Speier 1988
Critical Realism and and Historical Sociology 1998
Reflections on the Role of Social Narratives in Working-Class Formation: Narrative Theory in the Social Sciences 1992


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