Joseph L Gelinas

Everyone wants to know the weather. From the summer of 1996 until 04 Jun 2018, I served up images that had originally come from Purdue's Weather Processor. When Purdue University transferred the weather processor to Unisys, I continued to serve them up. On June 4, Unisys reorganised its weather pages; the images I've used are no longer available. So I've had to find another source for weather information. This map comes from the NOAA.

My Training:

I earned a BA in Ancient and Biblical Studies (New Testament) from the University of Michigan in 1991.
The University of Chicago, in cooperation with ETANA, has some interesting information on the Ancient Near East.
While working toward my BA, I worked for and joined The American Oriental Society.

My Interests: K-12 Education, especially in the Ann Arbor Public Schools. Sailing at the Michigan Sailing Club. Military History.
My Fun Stuff:

Languages and Linquistics, especially the English Language:
I like playing with words: exploring meanings and usages, and generally making people think about how language works. I'm particularly fond of alternative and archaic spellings and formulations. Noah Webster was an effective reformer, but I don't think his reforms were all for the better. For example, while I don't often see the need to reverse the "e" and the "r" in words like "center" ('centre'), I do prefer to use 's' in "/iz/" endings ("recognise"/ "recognize"), and I believe that 'honour' would be less noble without its 'u'. As Andrew Jackson said, "'Tis a poor mind that can think of only one way to spell a word."