The Drinking Game

The Obligatory Disclaimer

This site was created only in the spirit of fun. Should you choose to play the game with alcohol, that is your business. However (and a big "however", I might add), you alone accept the responsibilities and consequences of your actions...I am not putting a gun to anyone's head and forcing them to get schnockered while "Frasier" is on, then get sick/die of alcohol poisoning/get in a car and kill someone/etc.

Shall we move onward?

How to Play

1) Gather all the booze in the house you can find (soda if you're on AA)
2) Tune into "Frasier" (usually Tuesday nights at 9 on NBC)
3) Drink accordingly to the following list:

Take one drink when...

Take two drinks when...

Drink everything in sight if...

This game was written by Kat Lively, Copyright 1995. Any comments or suggestions may be directed to her e-mail address at