I hope you dig my funky, funky site! Its the coolest just ask James.

"Adrian's site is SUPERBAD,yeah baby, this site has SOUL POWER!"

Just check out some of these heavy heavy sites

UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN-This is the Uof M home page, this can take you just about anywhere you want to go within university hyperspace.

UOFM BUSINESS SCHOOL- This is the link to the business school, this is a useful site if you attend or plan to attend the Uof M business school. Otherwise you may not want to bother.

DAVID MURRAY'S HOMEPAGE- David Murray is my CIS 301 professor, without whom this fantastic homepage would just be a dream. Check out his page, it gives an overview of his surprisingly interesting Information System course, as well as links to other good pages.

MAZDA RX7 HOMEPAGE-FOR ENTHUSIASTS ONLY! This page is dedicated to spewing out information about the mazda RX7. I happen to be a proud and increasingly rare owner of an '85 RX7, a small roadster that has the rough, rumblin' rotary engine. If anyone out there is interested in making a first generation homepage, E-me at funnella@umich.edu

GUITAR RESOURCES PAGE-This is a great page for the guitar player. It includes: Music, Retailers, Products, Manufacturers, and Instruction.

NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE FORECAST-get up to date weather information fast through this link.

BACKPACKER'S HOMEPAGE-This homepage is designed to give backpackers information on products as well as trails, and much much more.

EXTREAME SPORTS E-ZINE-This on-line magazine hits hard with dramatic photos of extreme sports. Includes two of my favorites, snowboarding and mountainbiking.

BEASTIE BOYS HOMEPAGE-Easily one of the most dynamic groups of all time, the beastie boys on-line is strait up live! This site gives up current information as well as pictures. This site also has Leon Funnella's exclusive seal of approval.

"Beastie Boys"

TRIBE CALLED QUEST HOMEPAGE Check out the scenario of the Tribe Called Quest Homepage. Includes Lyrics pictures and other funky stuff. They've got the jazz.

"Tribe Called Quest"

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS "WALKABOUT" HOMEPAGE-Get the latest dirt on the peppers through their extremely funky homepage. Tons o' pictures as well as concert information, and guitar tab.

"Red Hot Chili Peppers"

JIMI HENDRIX HOMEPAGE-Are You Experienced with the Jimi Hendrix Homepage. Dig this cool site to one of the greatest guitar players ever. Includes Pictures, and Guitar Tab, as well as links to other great sites.

"Jimi Hendrix"

Bob Marley's Reggae Corner

"Africa Unite" "BMW backstage pass"

"Bob Marley"

"Bob doin' what he does best"

"Yeah mon, I smoked a spliff 'dis big!"

Check out these Jammin' Reggae pages!

"the label"

BOB MARLEY HOMEPAGE-Bob Marley lives, on the internet the king of reggae is immortalized on several fantastic pages. Check out some more pictures of the duppy conquerer Bob Marley.

MARLEY PAGE 2-Another page devoted to the MAN Bob Marley!

"Bob and Peter Tosh"

PETER TOSH HOMEPAGE-Bob's right hand man and a hell of a guitarist Peter Tosh was once described as "Malcom X to Bob Marley's Martin Luther King jr.

SPEAK THE LANGUAGE MON!-Learn the lingo of Jamaica with this patois dictionary.

RASTIFARINISM-Learn the teachings of his majesty for we no want no devil philosophy!

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