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University of Michigan                                    Detroit, Michigan 48223

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109                            (313) 835-0156

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Birthdate: 12 December 1942


Citizenship: U.S.




University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, 1960-64, B.A. 1964

(special major).

Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 1964-65.

Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1965-70, A.M.

1968, Ph.D. 1973 (philosophy).

Oxford University, Oxford, England, 1970-71.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1984-90, M.A.

1989, Ph.D. 1998 (economics).


Fellowships and Grants:


General Motors National Scholar (1960-64).

Summerfield Scholar (1960-64.)

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst Stipendiat (1964-65).

Woodrow Wilson Fellow (1965-66).

Harvard Arts and Sciences Fellow (1966-70).

Frank Knox Memorial Fellow (1970-71).

Orla B. Taylor Fellow (1984-85).

Christopher Reynolds Foundation Grantee (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001,

2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008).

W. K. Kellogg Foundation Grantee (1999).

Lecturers’ Professional Development Fund Grantee (2000).

Fulbright Senior Specialist Grantee (2008).




University of Kansas, Teaching Fellow (1963-64).

Harvard University, Teaching Fellow (1967-70).

Indiana University, Lecturer (1971-72), Asst. Professor (1972-76).

Automobile Transport, Inc., Driver (1977-1980).

Teamsters Union Local 299, Agent (1980-81).

Howard Delivery Service, Driver (1982-84).

University of Michigan, Teaching Asst., Economics (1985-90)

University of Michigan, Lecturer, Economics and Residential College

(1990-  ).

University of Michigan, Head, Social Science Program, Residential

College (1996-2003)


Academic Publications:


Articles and Book Chapters:


"Physicalism: Ontology, Determination, and Reduction," with Geoffrey

P. Hellman, Journal of Philosophy, 72 (1975), pp. 551-564.

"Physicalist Materialism," with Geoffrey P. Hellman, Nous, 11 (1977),


"Neoclassical Marxism," with W.H. Locke Anderson, Science and

Society, 52 (1988), pp. 215-228.

"Bowles and Gintis and Political Economic Explanation," Politics and

Society, 18 (1990), pp. 279-91.

"Technical Change, Accumulation and the Rate of Profit," Review of

Radical Political Economics, 27:2 (1995), pp. 97-126.

"Enterprise and Personal Finance in Schweickart's Democratic

Economy," Radical Philosophy Review of Books, 11-12 (1995), pp.


"Socializing the Surplus: A System of Life Estates," Review of Radical

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Shares: Making Market Socialism Work, ed. by Erik Olin Wright

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updated in ibid. (7th Edition), by Michael P. Todaro and Stephen C.

Smith, (Addison-Wesley, 1999), pp. 105-108; updated for ibid (8th

Edition), (Addison-Wesley, 2003), in Case Studies in Economic

Development, by Stephen C. Smith (

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Review of Radical Political Economics, 35:1 (2003), pp. 3-17.

“Cuban Economic Performance in Retrospect,” Review of Radical

Political Economics, 37:3 (2005), pp. 311-319.


Book Reviews:


"Review of John E. Roemer, Free to Lose," Journal of Economic

Behavior and Organization, 12 (1989), pp. 262-265.

"Review of Arjo Klamer and David Colander, The Making of an

Economist," Research in the History of Economic Thought and

Methodology, 11 (1993), pp.152-159.

"Review of Roberto Segre, Mario Coyula, and Joseph L. Scarpacci, Havana: Two Faces of the Antillean Metropolis," Review of

Radical Political Economics, 30:4 (1998), pp. 182-185.

"Review of Pedro Monreal (ed.), Development Prospects in Cuba: An

Agenda in the Making," Review of Radical Political Economics, 36:3

(2004), pp. 420-424. (A somewhat longer version of this review

appears (in German) in Lateinamerika Analysen, 6 (2003), pp.


 “Review of Bert Hoffmann, The Politics of the Internet in Third World

Development: Challenges in Contrasting Regimes with Case Studies

of Costa Rica and Cuba,” Review of Radical Political Economics, 38:3

(2006), pp. 448-449.

“Review of Samuel Bowles, Richard Edwards, and Frank Roosevelt,

Understanding Capitalism: Competition, Command, and Change,”

Review of Radical Political Economics, 38:3 (2006), pp. 473-475.

“Review of Daniel Hausman and Michael McPherson, Economic Analysis, Moral Philosophy, and Public Policy,” Review of Radical Political Economics, 39:1 (2007), pp. 433-437.




"Transformation and Continuity in Cuba," by Bert Hoffmann, Review

of Radical Political Economics, 33:1 (2001), pp.1-20. (Translated

from the German.)


Professional Service:


Member, Editorial Board, Review of Radical Political Economics (1986-



Member, Editorial Board, Lateinamerika Analysen (2002-2008)




Political economy, economics and philosophy, economic development


(September 2009)