F. E. (Fritz) Freiheit

1177 Narcisse Lane

Charlotte, MI 48813

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I have fifteen years of professional information technology experience with an emphasis in architecting intelligent, distributed client-server, object- and agent-oriented systems. I investigate, test, and make recommendations on the adoption and deployment of cutting edge technologies. I set standards in programming, architecture, GUI design, and relational database management. I have worked on projects that required me to perform as project lead, liaison, software engineer and/or architect as needed. I am familiar with the Rational Unified Process (RUP), Rational Rose, and UML. My proficiency in computer languages includes: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic/VBA, CORBA, KQML, HTML, XML, CGI Scripts, Perl, Expect, Tcl/Tk, UNIX shell scripts (Korn, Bash, Bourne, and C Shell), Make, Prolog, Lisp, Lex/Flex, Yacc/Bison, Pascal, Pro*C and SQL. I am familiar with Assembler and Forth. I specialize in UNIX and Windows platforms.

Professional Qualifications and Experience

March 1997 – Present

A. J. Boggs & Co.

Position: Chief Technology Officer

Okemos, Michigan

I perform as Principal Investigator, manager, and systems architect and programmer as needed. I have developed a number of proposals, including a DARPA proposal for an adaptive agent-oriented architecture for runtime resource discovery and software component swapping.

I have performed as lead architect and head programmer on the following projects:

I managed the following projects:


I have also spent significant time doing independent Research & Development and have developed the following using, as appropriate, Symantec Café and Rational Rose for Java and C++:

December 1996 - March 1997

Whirlpool Corporation

Position: Independent Consultant

Benton Harbor, Michigan

I consulted with Whirlpool to re-engineer their sales quotation system, including integrating legacy systems with a distributed client-server system. I was responsible for the data distribution design and implementation of a relational database. I also developed a macro expansion program under Perl which was used to automatically generate Pro*C import/export programs and PL/SQL reports using Oracle table definitions as input. This macro expansion program greatly increased the reliability of the data transport programs as well as significantly decreasing development time. The data was replicated between an Oracle database on a RS/6000 and SQL Anywhere databases on laptops, which ran a PowerBuilder application. This application interfaced with a VMS mainframe order system to support a department-wide coordination initiative to improve the sales quote and product ordering process. It was developed in Pro*C, Perl, C, PL/SQL and PowerBuilder 5.0 under UNIX and Windows ‘95 environments.

September 1994 - October 1996

University of Michigan

Position: Artificial Intelligence Research

Ann Arbor, Michigan

While pursuing my Masters degree, I assisted the University of Michigan in the design and development of a digital library system, providing full Internet and Intranet capabilities. This system included an agent architecture that provided a wide variety of services to users and software agents. I was responsible for the general agent architecture design, developed the prototype user interface. It was developed using a variety of tools, including C++, Java, HTML, Perl, CGI Scripts and CORBA on UNIX workstations. It was deployed on Machintosh, UNIX and Windows platforms. In addition, I designed and oversaw the implementation of the "Remora Project", which is a script processing agent for active monitoring of Web pages. The Remora Agent interpreted scripts written in a subset of Perl, generated events on the basis of changes detected in Web pages (or files) and delivered the processed results to the user either as e-mail or as Remora generated Web pages.

December 1993 - August 1994

Whirlpool Corporation

Position: Independent Consultant

Benton Harbor, Michigan

I assisted in the implementation and deployment of a client-server constraint based manufacturing schedule system. I was responsible for the technical architecture and development timelines. This system supported the initiative to dynamically schedule manufacturing resources for just in time production by allowing user specified manufacturing constraints. This system was implemented using C++, Visual C++ (ILOG backtracking constraint satisfaction package) and an Oracle database.

February 1992 - August 1993

KnowledgeWare, Inc.

Position: Software Engineer

Atlanta, GA

I was involved in the design, development and employment of the GUI Layout Diagrammer (GLD) under the Application Development Workbench (ADW). KnowledgeWare marketed this tool for use by application development teams around the nation. I was responsible for the development and implementation of model management. My responsibilities included the encyclopedia design, which was available in the ADW, and the GUI sub-structure and extension designs. This portion of the application was developed in C and Prolog on an OS/2 PM platform.

April 1990 - August 1992

Technology Solutions Corporation

Position: Senior Consultant

Chicago, IL

I consulted with a manufacturing company as the project leader responsible for the implementation of an expert diagnostic system. I oversaw the system architecture and set the standards of this distributed system. This system was developed with C using the Aion Development System (ADS) and an Oracle database. It was deployed on OS/2 workstations, which were connected over a WAN.

April 1988 - April 1990


Position: Manager of Software Development

Chatsworth, CA

I lead the development of software for a DOS/C 80386 based automated telephone attendant and expert system diagnostic delivery platform. This included development of a text based windowing user interface, multi-tasking multi-user expert system shell (including rule base compiler), networking, and voice tree system.


July 1983 - April 1988

Sumitomo Electric, USA, Inc.

Position: Senior Systems Engineer

Torrance, CA

I lead the development of a Japanese language processor, which was written in Prolog on a UNIX platform. I acted as liaison with the L.A. based Silogic Inc. for the purpose of translating their product (The Knowledge WorkBench) for the Japanese market. I was also involved with the porting of Prolog to several new platforms. I was the first non-Japanese to participate in Sumitomo Electric’s corporate training program in Japan. While in Japan, I developed a graphics package for the UNIX work station using C. This application included optical data acquisitions and a plotting program via remote control, as well as a NASTRAN based hybrid circuit heat transfer modeling program.

Academic Qualifications

University of Michigan: Degree of M.S., Engineering under the Artificial Intelligence program, Awarded December of 1996.

Michigan State University: Degree of B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Awarded: June of 1983 (Minor: Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing)