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Frederick ("Fritz") E. Freiheit IV
1514 Creal Crescent
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
(313) 663-4756


September 1994 to November 1996
University of Michigan
Advanced Technologies Laboratory
Ann Arbor, MI
Artificial Intelligence Masters Student & Research Assistant

Implemented Web based prototype user interface (HTML and Perl CGI-Scripts)
and worked on the general agent architecture design for the University of
Michigan's Digital Library project (UMDL). This project is developing a
homogenous view into the highly heterogeneous data space that the Web,
Internet, and private publishing data bases represent. In addition, the
UMDL is developing an architecture for autonomous agents to interact, form
teams, create and exploit markets, and provide a wide variety of services
to users and other agents in the system. It is being developed in (to
mention just a few) C++, ILU, CORBA, KQML, and Java on UNIX work stations.
It is being deployed on Macintoshes, UNIX, and Windows platforms. 

In addition research was conducted develop enhancements to agent oriented
languages and systems, such as Agent-oriented programming (AOP) and
Beliefs, Desires and Intentions (BDI) architectures to enhance the process
of agent decision making and goal to action translation. 

December 1993 to August 1994
Whirlpool, Corp.
Benton Harbor, MI

In charge of technical development of a distributed client-server based
manufacturing scheduling system. The system captured physical constraints
on assembly lines and manufacturing and sales requests to dynamically
schedule manufacturing times for just in time production. It was
implemented in C++ under AIX and Visual C++ using the ILOG backtracking
constraint satisfaction package interacting with an Oracle data base. 

February 1992 to August 1993
KnowledgeWare Inc.
Atlanta, GA
Software Engineer

Member of team that developed the GUI Layout Diagrammer (GLD) under the
Application Development Workbench (ADW) in OS/2 PM. Responsible for
developing and implementing model management in C and Prolog. This include
ADW encyclopedic GUI sub-structure design and extensions. In addition
performed technical evaluations of third party GUI products and made
technical recommendations for acquisition. 

April 1990 to February 1992
Technology Solutions Corporation
Chicago, IL
Senior Consultant

System Architect and project leader for an expert system. This system
diagnoses appliances as a standalone and an integrated subsystem under
OS/2 for a distributed system at Whirlpool Corporation. Designed and
implemented objected oriented rule base using Aion Development System,
Presentation Manager interface in C, and designed WAN data base definition
and interface. Also implemented a suite of support utilities for
automating the maintenance procedure. 

Worked with committee to set project standards for the PM user interface.

April 1988 to April 1990
IntelliSystems Inc.
Chatsworth, CA
Manager of Software Development

In charge of developing the software for a DOS/C 80386 based automated
telephone attendant and expert system diagnostic delivery platform. This
included development of text based windowing user interface, multi-tasking
multi-user expert system shell (including rule base compiler), networking,
and voice tree system. 

July 1983 to April 1988
Sumitomo Electric, U.S.A., Inc.
Torrance, CA
Senior Systems Engineer

Sumitomo Electric U.S.A. is a subdivision of Sumitomo Electric Industries
of Japan, a major conglomerate manufacturing a wide range of products. 

In charge of developing a Japanese natural language processor under UNIX
in Prolog, wrote the Japanese parser in Prolog, and heavily involved with
the porting of Prolog to several new platforms. Liaison with the L.A.
based Silogic Inc. for the purpose of translating their product (The
Knowledge WorkBench) to the Japanese market and product support.  Attached
to the parent company Sumitomo Electric Industries in Japan from March
1984 through April 1985. This included being the first American to
participate in Sumitomo Electric's corporate training program for new
Japanese employee. While in Japan developed a graphics package for UNIX
work station in C, optical data acquisitions and plotting program via
remote control, and NASTRAN based hybrid circuit heat transfer modeling

Experienced in: Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE), Rapid
Application Development (RAD), Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOA,
OOD), WWW, GUI, Client-Server, Joint Requirements Planning (JRP), Joint
Application Development (JAD), Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSP),
(Automated) Planning & Scheduling. 

Fluency: C, C++, Java, HTML, CGI Scripts, Perl, Make, Prolog, Lisp, SQL,
(Object) Pascal, Basic, Lex, Yacc/Bison, FORTRAN, CasePM, UNIX Shells (C
Shell and Bourne Shell). 
Familiarity: Delphi, Oracle, Pro*C, Assembler, Forth.

Experienced in: UNIX (including Solaris and AIX), IBM/MS-DOS, Windows 95,
Windows 3.1, OS/2-PM, PS/2, MicroVAX-Ultrix, AT&T 3B2, Amiga, CP/M. 

University of Michigan
Degree: M.S. in Engineering under the Artificial Intelligence program
Will be awarded December of 1996.
Michigan State University
Degree: B.S., Mechanical Engineering Awarded: June of 1983
Minor: Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing
In addition to the Mechanical Engineering degree above, over three
quarters of the work towards a B.S. in Computer Science was finished at
the time of graduation from Michigan State. Began work on my masters in
Computer Science at UCLA. 


Avid reader, with particular interest in science, technology, history,
science fiction, and anthropology. Amateur game designer and author. Enjoy
computer programming and problem solving. Was on high school soccer team;
active in gaining varsity status for soccer team. Was on MSU fencing team.
Enjoy judo, karate, racket ball, aerobics and jogging.  Speak Japanese at
a basic conversational level. Interested in languages and linguistics. 


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