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Icon/borromeanrings.gif The University of Michigan Digital Library Project (UMDL) (also see the UMDL glossary)

The UMDL (which is part of a larger Digital Library project, also see Digital Libraries and Xerox which is funded by NSF, NASA, and ARPA) is intended to be a cohesive way to link together a wide range of databases using intelligent agents. Right now the Internet version database browsing, including WWW, is limited and very inconsistent. The DL is intends to get around this problem by creating an environment where the user interacts with an agent that interprets what the user wants to know and formulates message(s) that network agents use to find what databases or libraries they should query to answer the question(s). Only agents that deal with the database or library in question actually search the database/library and return the results to the network agents who paste it all together before handing it back to the user agent. Hope that is somewhat clear, as I don't know how to describe it better at this time without resorting to more verbage.

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