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- Fritz. (Aug. 6th, 1998)

Fritz's Hiroshima Shrine

On the 50th aniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima I am impelled to reflect on the deep debt that the world owes to the victims who suffered and died 50 years ago. While I was in Japan I went on what I call a pilgrimage to Hiroshima. It had become clear to me sometime before I went to Japan that those who suffered and died at Hirishoma and Nagasaki did not do so in vain. Atomic bombs are horrible weapons, but once they had been invented it was inevitable that someone would use them. Without knowledge of the horrifying effects on humans, it seems to me the likelihood of their use in war would have been much higher (and once one side started using atomic weapons, the other side would feel impelled to respond in kind). And the longer we waited to find out what the effects of atomic bombs were, the more likely it would have occurred in a massive and indiscrimate manner. So we can thank the victims at Hiroshima and Nagasaki for giving the world their lives to show us the terror and horror of atomic war.

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