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Fritz's Lexicon

Artificial Intelligence Terms


[Russell & Norvig 1995] (page 7) define an agent as someone or something that perceives and acts.

Agent, Strong Notion of

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Agent, Weak Notion of

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Hard Artificial Intelligence

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Knowledge Level, The

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Soft Artificial Intelligence

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Symbol Hypothesis, The

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Computer Terms

NP Complete

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General Terms

Philosophical Terms


[Martin 1994] 1. Sometimes 'intentional' means 'on purpose', or 'having to do with intentions' (i.e., plans or desires about actions). 2. Intentionality is the idea that mental events have objects which they "point to" or are "about"; thus, if you think that Venus is a planet your thought has intentionality or aboutness: it is about Venus. Brentano held that intentionality was the distinguishing feature of the mental. Intentionality is problematic because the items we think about do not seem to be identical to things in the external world. Thus if think that Santa Claus lives at the north pole, your thought is about Santa - it has Santa as its intntional object - even though (bad news) there is no Santa. Likewise it seems that there is a difference between thinking about the Morning Star and thinking about about the Evening Star - you might think something about one that you didn't think about the other - even though the Morning Star is identical with the Evening Star (they are just different names for Venus). So there are seem to be two intentional objects even though there is only one planet. 3. A sentence is said to provide intentional (or oblique) context if co-reffering terms cannot be substituted within it salva veritate, that is, if it is referentially opaque.


[Martin 1994] The Philospher's Dictionary - 2nd Edition by Robert M. Martin Broadview Press, 1994

[Russell & Norvig 1995] Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig Prentice-Hall, Inc, 1995

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