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Reading Schedule

Date    Topic                                   Presenter
Oct 24  Sun's Dry Run                           Sun
    31  Susan's Dry Run                         Sun
Nov 07  Net Bill                                Eric
    14  Concurrent Eng.                         Tim
    21  ILS Paper                               Fritz

Reading Schedule for the Summer of 1995

Date    Topic                                   Presenter
Jun  7  CSPs (Faltings, Hyvonen, CONSTRAINTS)      Tim
    14  CSPs (Faltings)                            Tim
    20  Agents (Shoham, ACM Special Issue)         Fritz
    27  Joe's Thesis Proposal                      Joe D.
Jul  4  Digital Libraries                          Bill
    11  Ontologies                                 Tim
    18  Collaboration                              Susan
    25  Scripting Languages                        Fritz
Aug  1  Decision Theory (Thurston, Sykes & White)  Joe D.
     8  Concurrent Engineering                     Tim
    15  The Virtual Corporation (Davidow & Malone) Tim
    22  More CSPs (Constraint Logic Programming)   Tim
    29  Open

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